Preliminary results of the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Preliminary results of the selection of the Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

The text contains clarifications based on the Rules for the selection of

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Results of selection

If these were the final results of the selection, the Kyiv team would be formed as shown in the table. It also took into account the situation that our 3 winners of the Internet Olympiad get into the team outside the competition. They are highlighted in blue. Participants with personal seats are highlighted in orange. Green highlighted participants who won places in their parallel. Yellow highlighted participants who won additional seats in the team. Pink – participants who are fighting for the last place,that is, get into an additional tour.

A couple of explanations and clarifications. Gavrilyuk has an advantage over Peas and Matviychuk as a result of the 1st round of the city Olympiad and competition inside the parallel.

If the Internet Olympiad is not approved, Then Hasin takes the main place instead of Shashkov.

Despite the fact that Hasin is studying in the 10th grade, he went through the whole cycle for the 11th grade, and therefore takes a place in the 11th grade parallel, that is, instead of Shashkov. Here the following paragraph "Rules for the selection of the team of Kyiv for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad" is in force:

The main place from the parallel should not be given to students who wrote the selected for a parallel other than this one (this does not apply to students of this parallel, who provided themselves with a place in the team in advance and wanted to advocate for another class). For example, even if tenth graders in general wrote the selecteds much better than eleventh graders, it is impossible to take one of the tenth graders to the main place from the 11th grade (so that he performs at the IV stage for the 11th grade).

Regarding the consideration of the 1st round of the city Olympiad inside the parallel, you should read the same paragraph of the same "Rules…"

If the uncertain set includes the participants who wrote the city Olympiad for the same class, then add to the scoring points the participants from an uncertain set of the result of the first round of the current city Olympiad and conduct further division of the participants in accordance with the balance of the main places in the parallel: a strong subset of an uncertain set to be counted in the team, and an uncertain subset (uncertain set) to be called an uncertain set.

About appeal

I remind you that it will take place on Tuesday, February 19, where there was a preliminary appeal. Since we do not want to consider the check biased, significant changes in the results are possible, but unlikely. Therefore, first of all, we will take the appeal from the participants claiming places in the team, that is, those who have a result of 49 points and above. In all others, it will also be accepted, but upon completion of the first part of the appeal. I ask everyone to understand this order of conduct.




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