Final results of the VIII Olympiad in Kyiv for students of 4-6 grades

Final results of the VIII Olympiad in Kyiv for students of 4-6 grades

Who did not have time to send a photo of the child for the diploma, you can do it now and urgently to the address:

About the second stage of the Olympiad

At first, I would like to thank our jury, which this time consisted of students, which is the traditional basis of the jury, and a large number of Kyiv high school students. Thank you for responding so actively to our leading mathematical educational institutions and helping in this matter. Without schoolchildren, everything could not be as calm and harmonious as it turned out. Let me remind you that we were helped by schoolchildren of lyceums PDL No. 145, Scientific Change, Leader, Rusanivskyi and UFML.

Just as wonderful gifts that came up with this year parent committee, everyone liked it. Let me remind you that they were purchased at collected by you small donations before the first round. This further emphasizes the importance of such even a small aid, as well as the election of an effective parent committee.

Let me remind you that the results, photos, conditions and solutions of tasks have already been published on the site.

On the determination of participants from Kyiv for the SECOND All-Ukrainian Olympiad of grades 5-7

There are many questions, all different in classes.

7 classes

(based on the results of the 33nd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiads in Kyiv)

Abs. list 1st round Round 2 Amount
1 Henik 28 25 53
2 Romaniuk 27 21 48
3 Chaiko 21 14 35
4–7 Kirilyuk 11 22 33
4–7 Agratina 17 16 33
4–7 Lysakov 15 18 33
4–7 Klindukh 18 15 33

In the official competition – Polina Henik

Out of competition – Iryna Romaniuk

6 classes

(according to the results of the VII Olympiad for 4-6 classes in Kyiv)

Abs. list Round 2 1st round Amount
1 Leonid Dyachenko 54 25 79
2 Tatarko Sofia 48 25 73
3 Yuriy Iovko 49 21 70
4 Ucshe Daria 55 14 69
5 Sinelnyk Andriy 42 19 61
6 Andrew Bear 35 24 59

In the official competition – Leonid Dyachenko

Out of competition – Sofia Tatarko, Yuriy Yvko and Daria Ukshe

5 classes

(according to the results of the VII Olympiad for 4-6 classes in Kyiv)

Abs.list Round 2 1st round AmountResults
1–4 Andrei Basov 35 25 60 Dt
1–4 Andrey Belov 25 35 60 Dt
1–4 Chariot Timothy 33 27 60 Dt
1–4 Anastasia Shenklyanova 35 25 60 Dt
5 Vladislav Gusinin 27 32 59
6–7 Konstantin Lemeshko 28 30 58
6–7 Myroslav Lyubimyi 34 24 58

We're going to have to make an extra selection between first 4 participants:

Andrey Basov, Andrey Belov, Timothy Kolisnyk and Anastasia Schenklyanova. The winner of this selection will receive a place in the official competition, the other three – outside the competition. On the date of such an additional tour, we we will inform you additionally.

4 classes

Also, outside the competition in the 5th grade program, we invite take part in the participants from the 4th grade, who won in the first round and in the second round (separately, not by the sum of tours)

Out of competition – Roman Pusharuk and Yuriy Pogoretskyi




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