Final results of The Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

Final results of The Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

About processing personal data of selection participants

The Organizing Committee of the City Olympiad in Mathematics had to remove certain data of the participants as a result of the fact that there were no complaints from the participants that they did not consent to the disclosure of their personal data.

The selection of the Kyiv team for the All-Ukrainian Olympiad usually takes place with the publication of the data that you filled out for registration for the city Olympiad or in the applications of rayons. To prevent inappropriate circumstances, all participants who are selected, we believe that you consent to the disclosure of your data. Let me remind you that these data include full name, school, class, district and results on tours of the city Olympiad and selection. If you do not have such consent, please let us know in any way and your data will be properly cleaned up. Thank you for your understanding.

Results of the city Olympiad

About the situation with Volodymyr Cissin. The jury made a natural decision to disqualify his work in the 2nd Round. Even if you understand that the violation was minimal, and it only tried to look at what time. "DURA LEX, SED LEX". Let me remind you that at one time Alexander Martyshko at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad came out at the end of the 2nd round with an audience of work, literally for a moment, just thought and forgot to hand it over. Per minute He's back, but… The jury was disqualified despite the fact that he actually claimed the 1st place and place in the team at the IMO. Here the situation is not so categorical. Since he is the winner of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian olympiad last year, he is entitled to participate in the selection of the Kyiv team, if he became the winner of the THIRD stage. Here it is this situation, unfortunately for him, he does not will have the results of the 2nd round.

In the application, the final results city olympiad. The colors are highlighted – 1, 2 places, and the students who are invited for selection (selected column of results). I remind you that before selection for the IV stage invited all winners of last year's IV stage, even if they did not get into a dedicated group (provided that they became prize-winners of the third stage).

All selection rounds, if not force majeure situation (quarantine or something like that) will be held at the Faculty computer science and cybernetics KNU them.Taras Shevchenko on Sundays 03, 10 and February 17, 2019, the beginning of the 1st round at 9:45. The selection jury organizes Dashkov Alexander and Nikolaev Arseniy, so contact him personally if you do not know where and where to come to check 1 round.

Absolute first place in the 7th class – Polina Henik is invited from the Kyiv team to the Second All-Ukrainian Olympiad 5-7 classes.

About the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

Let me remind you that the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad will be held from 11 to 15 March 2019 in Cherkasy. According to the rating, the Kyiv team has 9 places, additionally, naumets Zakhar (9th grade) and Yudin Fedor (10) provided themselves with places class).

Also, several more participants can be added based on the results of the Internet Olympiad. But its results should be completed by the relevant order. Not yet.




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