Results of the 1st round of Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

Results of the 1st round of Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics

About the course of the Olympiad

I would like to thank our organizing committee and the study and teacher's jury immediately. Such an alloy of youth and perseverance with experience and courage always gives good results. Let's hope that more or less calmly pass the 2nd round, as well as appeals in rounds 1 and 2. At least there is every reason for everything to go properly.

At the beginning of the Olympiad, more precisely just before the start of the 1st round, I was named by two parents of the participants "fascist", "separatist", someone else, I just do not remembered, but there were many witnesses around who were interested in others "epithets", you can recall. Promised to call the police and SBU, foreign and our press, run through classrooms and not let the Olympics. Unfortunately, they did nothing, and so did the press's attention to our beautiful bright events, which for some reason are not at all interested in TV channels and even printed sources of information. And the essence was very simple. Their children were not registered. They became prize-winners of regional Olympiads and therefore had grounds to participate in the event. But for whom I have warned a bunch of times – check yourself in the application from the district if you were missed – accidentally or intentionally – this should not interfere with your participation, it was enough just to register Yourself. So, the mistakes of district education links, which children who have become winners of the respective district Olympiad, by chance (I am inclined to errors) did not include in the application of the district, the helplessness of their children, who for all warnings and calls to check yourself in lists and if necessary, register their own, as well as their parental indifference to their own children, because did not check this in a timely manner, decided to dump it on the organizing committee and the jury of the city Olympics. Very good position. But at my request to call the press and police, for some reason they did not respond. By the way, we also did not hear an apology for this, but "elephants remember everything…"

About the tasks that were in the first Round. Unfortunately, our participants, even from the leading lyceums, are very poorly able to solve combinatory. Very, very sorry, although I do not know in the world a person who could teach her. Probably a little bit of God's talent. But to train and preparing for this is very important. In recent years, most of the tasks at international Olympiads have a combinatorium component. Therefore, it is better to lose now and understand their b2.

About appeal

The appeal will be held on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at the Humanities Institute of Kyiv University. B.D. Grinchenko (Marshala Timoshenko Street, 13b).

The appeal for all classes starts at 15:00.

7 classes arrive for appeal in office 402

8 classes arrive for appeal in office 404

9 classes arrive for appeal in office 404a

10 classes arrive for appeal in office 406

11 classes arrive for appeal in office 412a

As has been the case in recent years before the appeal is launched, the resolution tasks will not be carried out. The evaluation criteria for each tasks, where the jury will explain in more detail the principles of assessing the solution of each objectives and each approach. Upon completion of the consideration of the criteria, the appeal. Since the unseen number of participants took part in Olympiad, please do not contact the jury with a request – "I just want to see the work." If necessary, wait until the end of the appeal and then perhaps it will be more appropriate. The appeal is only considered cleaners of work and promotions written there. None of your arguments like "now I can show how the problem is solved" take into account not Will. Parents, teachers and other adults who take part in the appeal have no rights… we had enough comments on the site.

Summing up the Olympiad

Upon completion of the appeal for all jury will gather for a meeting where the limit of prize-winners for each Parallels. These participants have the right to take part in the second round of the city Olympics. If such participant does not participate in the second round, then he/she will automatically awarded diploma III degree.

By decision of the jury of the city Olympiads the limit of prize-winners and participants of the selection from the city of Kyiv for the IV stage All-Ukrainian Olympiad will be determined separately by voting at the end of appeal of the second round of the Olympiad on January 30, 2019.



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