Preliminary results of vii city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Preliminary results of vii city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades


Almost all of these works have been reviewed, there are several left that we could not simply find, or simply these applications entered recently. I remind you that no application for a job review is considered anymore. About those works that we were able to find, it is a consequence of the conscientious observance of the request by parents to stick a piece of paper on the child's notebook with printed (or written in large legible letters) by the surname, class, contact, etc. In the works that children have passed, sometimes the teacher's surname is written in larger letters and more legible than the child herself. Below is a fairly typical example of signing a job. Similarly, an example of a task where they asked to conduct an appeal on it.

And of course, I remind you that appeal is not just an attempt to increase points for a certain task. This is the procedure for adjusting the points in accordance with the above criteria. Most of the work the score was not changed, but there were works both with an increase in points for the task and a decrease. All viewed tasks in tables are marked with a yellow background.

Results of the Olympiad

Results Grade 6

Results Grade 5

Results 4 class

The above results show the distribution of diplomas for each class. If, as a result of reviewing the rest of the works (there are fewer than 10 of them), then if the results of the participants change, the distribution of points for diplomas will not change.

The second round of this Olympiad will be held in February 2019 for all winners of the first stage. Diplomas and prizes will be awarded there. I ask the parent committee to choose the right number of prizes so that we have time to purchase them for everyone.



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