Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics, 3rd Stage of All-Ukrainian Olympiads

Kyiv City Olympiad in Mathematics, 3rd Stage of All-Ukrainian Olympiads

About the 3rd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

Approved the following dates of two rounds of the THIRD stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Kyiv (LXХIV Kyiv City Olympiad of Young Mathematicians) are as follows:

January, 20 (Sunday) – 1st round of Olympiad
January, 27 (Sunday) – 2nd round of Olympiad

Unfortunately, the situation in the sense of quarantine is unforeseen, let's hope for the best, and how it will be – we will see. This is very important, because many regions of Ukraine rely on common texts and, accordingly, common dates.

About registration for the Kiev City Olympiad

We want to announce registration for the city Olympiad in 2019. We do this in advance, because it will be suspended a week before the date of the Olympiad, that is, January 13. This week we need an organizing committee of the Olympiad to prepare audiences and distribute all participants to these audiences. Later on January 13, 2019, it will be no longer possible to additionally register for the city Olympiad.

We ask everyone who will register. First, carefully review the applications of the districts. If you are in this application, then you should not re-enter yourself separately. This gives us a lot of trouble, finding and removing such double applications. Please be more careful.

Applications of districts of Kyiv, we will expose as soon as we receive them ourselves. We are waiting for an prompt response from the districts.

Application of Holosiivskyi district;
Application darnytskyi distric
Application of Desnyansky district;
Application of Dniprovskyi distri
Application of Obolonsky distri
Application of Pecherskyi dist
Application of Podilsky distr
Application of Sviatoshynskyi dis
Application of Solomyansky dis
UFML applic
Application Shevchenko distric

The following items should be filled in in the registration:

  1. Name
  2. class
  3. school
  4. district
  5. Math Teacher
  6. Participation in this year's regional Olympiad (2nd stage) and the result on it (points and place)
  7. Participation in last year's city Olympiad (3rd stage) and the result on it (number of points and place)
  8. Contact phone number (will not be displayed on the site).

Registration for the Kyiv City Olympiad.


We remind you that the first round of the Olympiad will be held in two places. The Olympiad starts in both places at 10:00.

7 classes – in Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171 "Leader" (ul. Leipzig, 11a).

8 – 11 classes – at the Humanities Institute of Kyiv University. B.D. Grinchenko (Marshala Timoshenko Street, 13b).



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