Results of VII city Olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results of VII city Olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results and criteria

Results 4 class Criteria 4 class
Results 5
class Criteria 5 class
Results 6 class Criteria 6 class

Here are the results of the Olympiad (preliminary), criteria for assessing tasks and conditions with solutions. Dear parents, you should talk to children, carefully read the solution of problems and criteria for their assessment. If you really think that your child's work is rated wrong, that is, not in accordance with the above criteria, then write about it in the comments to this post. You must specify the last name and name of the child, class, and tasks that you think are not correct. If you make a formal (without careful clarification with the child of its solutions) – as if you need to review all the tasks, then we check the first of them, if it is evaluated correctly, then we do not look further. I can already see such comments from my parents – review all the work, there is something on drafts, etc.

We give exactly a week for such a review, that is, from Monday December 24, 2019, such comments will not be processed.

The second round of the Olympiad

According to the results of the first (today's) stage of the Olympiad, winners will be determined, that is, students who will be awarded diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. In each parallel, their number will be approximately from 60 to 70. For these winners of the 1st round, the second stage will be held, approximately in mid-March in the format of an oral Olympiad.

Check-in, arrival, contributions…

Now we can state once in another time that our parents are not responsible for registration, in the 4th grade there were 155 participants, and 65 registered did not arrive, in the 5th grade – 258 participants and 92 did not arrive, in the 6th grade – 222 participants and 54 "dead souls". As I said at a meeting with parents, which was visited by the most positive parents, it is very upsetting. In fact, 200 registered did not arrive, which means that we were involved in about 10(!!!) extra audiences, according to observers…

As agreed part of the funds raised, it was spent to pay for the work of the jury and other organizational issues. Who will object to this, so his contribution will be returned without unnecessary hesitation and problems.

I thank our young jury for their hard work. And we will correct all inaccuracies within a week.


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