Reformatting MMO preparation groups

Reformatting MMO preparation groups

IMO and Junior Groups

Since all Kharkiv participants decided to prepare for the IMO on their own with their teachers and coaches, we reformat the groups so as not to invite the lecturer to incomplete groups. Therefore, according to the rating principle, we have formed new IMO and Junior groups. I ask all participants – especially those who have been added – to confirm their participation in the meeting. It is also necessary to warn about who will come to us immediately from December 20, 2018, and who – at the end of the Internet Olympiad, for the latter it is necessary to accurately specify the date of arrival.

IMO Group

Oles Golyombovskiy (Uzhhorod, grade 11)

Kateryna Peas (Kyiv, grade 11)

Vadim Koval (Kyiv, grade 11)

Andrey Kovrigin (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Lutsenko Konstantin (Kyiv, grade 11)

Naumets Zakhar (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Petrusenko Vlada (Kyiv, grade 11)

Protsyk Maksym (Lviv, Grade 11)

Volodymyr Fedyniak (Lviv, Grade 11)

Hasin Marko (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Yudin Fedor (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Junior Group

Alice Cormorant (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Margarita Cormorant (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Olesya Bilyk (Kyiv, Grade 11)

Vasin Bogdan (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Vakhitov Anton (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Volodymyr Didur (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Zavodnyk Vladislav (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Mykola Hare (Kryvyi Rih, Grade 10)

Mytsyk Serhiy (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Nechyporuk Karina (Kyiv, grade 11)

Mykhailo Noskov (Kramatorsk, Grade 10)

Popov Alexander (Sumy, Grade 10)

Yaroslav Romanus (Lviv, Grade 10)

Dmytro Rudenko (Kyiv, Grade 10)

Solyduk Gleb (Lviv, Grade 10)

Ivan Shevchenko (Kyiv, Grade 9)

Mykhailo Shandenko (Kyiv, Grade 10)


The previous composition of the Ukrainian team at RMM. But we already need to buy tickets. I ask Mr. Zolotariov to urgently contact the head of the dashkov team, because he risks staying in Kyiv.

  1. Voytovych Oleksandr (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  2. Kateryna peas (11th grade, Kyiv)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (Grade 9, Kharkiv)
  4. Vadim Koval (11th grade, Kyiv)
  5. Mikhail Kupriyanov (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  6. Lutsenko Konstantin (Grade 11, Kyiv)
  7. Aleksey Masalitin (Grade 10, Kharkiv)
  8. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 9, Kyiv)
  9. Slobodyanyuk Denys (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  10. Hasin Marko (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  11. Yudin Fedor (Grade 10, Kyiv)





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