Romanian Master in Mathematics – 2019

Romanian Master in Mathematics – 2019

Terms of participation

I personally consider this event to be very complex and not indicative for further results at the IMO. The first time was last year, when tasks were more or less interesting and adequate in complexity. If this tradition continues, it will be pleasant. Although all this is my personal opinion. Remind. The official website of the tournament:

There you can see the timing of its conduct, conditions, etc. There it will be possible to monitor the course of events of this event for stakeholders.

Participants from Ukraine

I thought that there would be much less people willing to go at their own expense, and we would have a team consisting of 7-8 participants. Probably a huge shortage of international competitions of the highest level takes its place, has received more than 16 proposals from our participants regarding their participation at their own expense. We immediately decided that such a large team should not be carried. Firstly, it is desirable to take care of children along the way, and secondly, coordination there takes place sufficiently in a tight time, so it is necessary to allow the leaders to normally look at the work of our participants. I note that there was no order from the candidates for observers.

The problem with the composition of the Ukrainian team was solved very simply. Since all potential members of the selected IMO group submitted applications, these are the 11 participants who will go to the tournament.


  1. Voytovych Oleksandr (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  2. Kateryna peas (11th grade, Kyiv)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (Grade 9, Kharkiv)
  4. Vadim Koval (11th grade, Kyiv)
  5. Mikhail Kupriyanov (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  6. Lutsenko Konstantin (Grade 11, Kyiv)
  7. Aleksey Masalitin (Grade 10, Kharkiv)
  8. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 9, Kyiv)
  9. Slobodyanyuk Denys (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  10. Hasin Marko (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  11. Yudin Fedor (Grade 10, Kyiv)

I remind you that 3 participants go free of charge (if there is sponsorship, even the road for them will become free), 2 participants will go for half the cost of one participant, the rest will pay the cost of their participation – organizing and expensive. You will reimburse these funds when everything is already known – the cost of the road and your final participation, because there is still a lot of time ahead.

There is an issue that needs to be agreed upon as soon as possible. About vyshyvankas. The first 5 participants must be in embroidered shirts. For other participants, we can order them, but at your expense. Those who want to be in uniform, who will be in the team of Ukraine this year, should inform about it and, accordingly, provide the necessary sizes. Those who refuse embroidery should simply inform us about it.

As for the managers, their final composition has not yet been clarified. One of them will definitely be Arseniy Nikolaev.





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