About the December meeting of the IMO team and the reserve

About the December meeting of the IMO team and the reserve

Lists of groups and conditions of conduct

From December 20 to December 27, 2018, at the Institute of Postgraduate Education of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (ul. Vasylkivska 36, Vasylkivska Metro Station) will host a meeting of the selected IMO team (11 participants) and reserve (18 participants).

IMO Group

  1. Voytovych Oleksandr (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  2. Kateryna peas (11th grade, Kyiv)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (Grade 9, Kharkiv)
  4. Vadim Koval (11th grade, Kyiv)
  5. Mikhail Kupriyanov (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  6. Lutsenko Konstantin (Grade 11, Kyiv)
  7. Aleksey Masalitin (Grade 10, Kharkiv)
  8. Naumets Zakhar (Grade 9, Kyiv)
  9. Slobodyanyuk Denys (Grade 11, Kharkiv)
  10. Hasin Marko (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  11. Yudin Fedor (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Junior Group

  1. Margarita Cormorant (Grade 9, Kyiv)
  2. Olesya Bilyk (11th grade, Kyiv)
  3. Vasin Bogdan (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  4. Vakhitov Anton (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  5. Yuriy Gladkov (Grade 10, Kharkiv)
  6. Andriy Kovrygin (Grade 9, Kyiv)
  7. Ilya Lazurenko (Grade 10, Kharkiv)
  8. Mytsyk Serhiy (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  9. Karyna Nechyporuk (Grade 11, Kyiv)
  10. Mikhail Noskov (Grade 10, Kramatorsk)
  11. Petrusenko Vlada (Grade 11, Kyiv)
  12. Yaroslav Romanus (Grade 10, Lviv)
  13. Dmytro Rudenko (Grade 10, Kyiv)
  14. Solyduk Gleb (Grade 10, Lviv)
  15. Artem Gurazovsky (Grade 9, Kharkiv)
  16. Ivan Shevchenko (9th grade, Kyiv)
  17. Ilya Skinko (Grade 9, Kharkiv)
  18. Mykhailo Shandenko (Grade 10, Kyiv)

The participants of the meeting will stay in an excellent IPO hotel in comfortable double rooms with all amenities. Financial conditions – 525 UAH for each day of classes during the stay at the meeting for those who need accommodation and meals. This amount includes the cost of living, meals, organizing and holding meetings. For those who will only have lunch during the day, the amount will be 100 UAH for each day of classes.

On the first day of classes, Thursday December 20, 2018, classes will begin at approximately 10:30 a.m., on the last day Thursday, December 27, 2018, classes will continue until about 12:00. Take care of the convenient route of the visit to Kyiv in a timely manner.

Other issues of the meeting and not only

Unfortunately, this year the term of the meeting intersects with the Internet Olympiad in mathematics in Odessa. Therefore, for those who choose to participate in the Internet Olympiad first, it is possible to come to the meeting after it is completed. The complete absence of the meeting will indicate that this participant will not be invited to the next meeting, but will be replaced by the next rated member of the corresponding group. Under any circumstances, we should be aware of your presence (or complete absence) at the meeting and within what time frame. Please inform the organizers of the meeting by December 1, 2018.

I also remind you that the selected participants should answer their answers to the relevant questions by November 18, 2018. Many have already done this – in the comments on the site, through the mail, viber, etc., for which I am very grateful.



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