Archive of students from mathematical circles and meetings

Archive of students from mathematical circles and meetings

At the link below you can find materials of mathematical circles, which were read by former Olympiads in several Kyiv schools, as well as their materials from camps and training meetings for the team at the IMO and the nearest reserve.

Among the materials presented you can find a selection of tasks on a wide range of topics and different levels of complexity. Set-ups range from gurks for the 6th grade to thematic selections, which were prepared by the winners of international mathematical olympiads of previous years.

The materials presented are mostly homework and rarely include the theoretical basis necessary for solving problems on the chosen topic, so they are not self-sufficient educational material. Nevertheless, this archive should greatly simplify the search for tasks on the right topics and can be useful for teachers of clubs and children who do not have a mathematical circle in school.

We invite you to join the initiative of teachers of clubs who have a desire to share their own selections or educational materials!


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