All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles is over

All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles is over

General impressions

With the support of the Leonid Kuchma Presidential Foundation "Ukraine" and a number of IT companies, another, xii All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko took place. I hope that the tournament has succeeded and quite well, and all this despite certain adversity in solving certain. I think that the participants of the tournament are generally satisfied. There were interesting competitions, new acquaintances, new impressions.

Personally, I really liked the increase in the representation of participants from different regions of Ukraine. In the absence of Kharkiv teams and a significant decrease in Kyiv, this is what can not but rejoice. I hope to increase the representation of Ukrainian regions in the future.

On the site we present photos of the closure, I hope that other managers and participants will share their photos of the events at the tournament.


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