Results of selection for international mathematical olympiads

Results of selection for international mathematical olympiads


From February 20 to February 25, 2019, the next XI of the Romanian Masters will be held in Romania. The team of Ukraine automatically gets

  1. Yudin Fedor (Grade 10, Lyceum 208, Kyiv)
  2. Voytovych Oleksandr (Grade 11, KhFML 27, Kharkiv)
  3. Zolotariov Klimentiy (Grade 9, KhFML 27, Kharkiv)

Since under the terms of the last Masters each country has the right to free participation of exactly 4 participants of the da two leaders. All additional participants or managers must pay a eur 300 fee. In this year's selection, the 4th and 5th place were shared by two participants. Therefore, the following options are possible here.

1) They drive both by paying 150 euros each and the road for one participant.

2) One of the participants refuses to participate in the Masters and then automatically leaves the remaining participant. This issue is also solved if one of the participants refuses option 1), which is currently the main one.

4–5. Lutsenko Konstantin (11 class, UFML, Kyiv)

4–5. Hasin Marko (10th grade, Rusanovsky Lyceum, Kyiv)

Similarly, other participants who are not on the list of these top 5 places, or wanting to be team leaders, can express their desire to participate in the Romanian Masters at their own expense. We will consider these wishes and, if we agree, we will order tickets for the flight of the whole team together. It is clear that since the dates of the competition are already known, you can look for tickets cheaper if we know the list of participants as early as possible. Thus, for applicants for 4-5 positions, as well as all additional participants and managers, it is necessary to finally decide by November 18, 2018.



From April 07 to April 13, 2019, another VIII European Olympiad for Girls will be held in Kyiv. The Team of Ukraine is as follows.

  1. Kateryna peas (grade 11, PDL 145, Kyiv)
  2. Petrusenko Vlada (grade 11, Novopecherska school, Kyiv)
  3. Bilyk Olesya (Grade 11, PNL 145, Kyiv)
  4. Nechyporuk Karina (11th grade, Lyceum 208, Kyiv)

Here we see the main problem is that all girls from the 11th grade, which has never happened. But according to the rules of the competition, the country organizer can (not obliged, but has the right!!!) to put 2 teams to participate in the EGMO. The second team takes part outside the competition in the team standings. Last year, 5 girls – 4 main teams and 1 participant – took part in the event from the hosts, i.e. the Italian team. That is, we can put the second team in the non-full squad. Now we will bring applicants for places in the second team from Ukraine.

  1. Margarita Cormorant (Grade 9, Lyceum Leader, Kyiv)
  2. Cormorant Alice (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader, Kyiv)
  3. Ivanchuk Roksolana (8th grade, Naukova Change Lyceum, Kyiv)
  4. Jour Olga (Grade 10, Lyceum Leader, Kyiv)

As you can see, we do not invite participants from the final class to gain experience. But the final decision will be made later, taking into account the results of the participants at the third stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, as well as in the selection for the IV stage.


Results of selection at the IMO. IMO Group

Voytovych Oleksandr (Grade 11, Kharkiv)

Kateryna peas (11th grade, Kyiv)

Zolotariov Klimentiy (Grade 9, Kharkiv)

Vadim Koval (11th grade, Kyiv)

Mikhail Kupriyanov (Grade 11, Kharkiv)

Lutsenko Konstantin (Grade 11, Kyiv)

Aleksey Masalitin (Grade 10, Kharkiv)

Naumets Zakhar (Grade 9, Kyiv)

Slobodyanyuk Denys (Grade 11, Kharkiv)

Hasin Marko (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Yudin Fedor (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Results of selection at the IMO. Junior Group

Margarita Cormorant (Grade 9, Kyiv)

Olesya Bilyk (11th grade, Kyiv)

Vasin Bogdan (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Vakhitov Anton (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Yuriy Gladkov (Grade 10, Kharkiv)

Andriy Kovrygin (Grade 9, Kyiv)

Ilya Lazurenko (Grade 10, Kharkiv)

Mytsyk Serhiy (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Karyna Nechyporuk (Grade 11, Kyiv)

Mikhail Noskov (Grade 10, Kramatorsk)

Petrusenko Vlada (Grade 11, Kyiv)

Yaroslav Romanus (Grade 10, Lviv)

Dmytro Rudenko (Grade 10, Kyiv)

Solyduk Gleb (Grade 10, Lviv)

Artem Gurazovsky (Grade 9, Kharkiv)

Ivan Shevchenko (9th grade, Kyiv)

Ilya Skinko (Grade 9, Kharkiv)

Mykhailo Shandenko (Grade 10, Kyiv)

From the reserve group, we determine the team for the Belarusian Republican Olympiad in mathematics, if this will allow the period of our and their Olympiads, as well as if we receive the appropriate ruling at the request to participate. This year we invite such students to take part in the event.

  1. Andrey Kovrigin (Grade 9, Lyceum 208, Kyiv)
  2. Ilya Skinko (Grade 9, KhFML 27, Kharkiv)
  3. Artem Urazovsky (Grade 9, KhFML 27, Kharkiv)
  4. Ilya Lazurenko (Grade 10, KhFML 27, Kharkiv)
  5. Vakhitov Anton (Grade 10, Naukova Change Lyceum, Kyiv)
  6. Yaroslav Romanus (Grade 10, LFML, Lviv)

Last year we had an unfortunate refusal to participate and it was at the moment when it was no longer possible to find a replacement, we ask these participants to confirm by November 18, 2018 that they will take part in the planned event, and not go somewhere to relax in the spring break or will not participate in another subject olympiad. In the absence of confirmation of participation from any of the participants before the specified period, it will be immediately replaced by the next rated participant.





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