Selection for international mathematical olympiads List of students

Selection for international mathematical olympiads List of students

Participant List

1.Andriy AndrievskyKievGrade 11
2.Babiy VarvaraKievGrade 8
3.Natalia BaganKievGrade 8
4.Alice CormorantKievGrade 10
5.Margarita CormorantKievGrade 9
6.Alina TowerKievGrade 10
7.Olesya BilykKievGrade 11
8.Ruslan BoykoFC Dnipro DnipropetrovskGrade 10
9.Leonid LyukhKievGrade 9
10.Vladislav BurtsevychKhersonGrade 11
11.Bohdan VasinKievGrade 10
12.Anton VakhitovKievGrade 10
13.Volodymyr VylshchakKievGrade 9
14.Oleksandr VoytovychKharkivGrade 11
15.Danylo VolobuevKievGrade 9
16.1994 – Did not enterKharkivGrade 9
17.Havryliuk AntonKievGrade 8
18.Ilya GerasimenkoKievGrade 10
19.Yuriy GladkovKharkivGrade 10
20.Oles GolyombovskyUzhhorodGrade 11
21.Yelizaweta PeasKievGrade 8
22.Kateryna PeasKievGrade 11
23.Alyona DerecheyKievGrade 10
24.Volodymyr DidurKievGrade 9
25.Danylo DubasKievGrade 8
26.Dubas AlexandraKievGrade 7
27.Olga ZhurKievGrade 10
28.Iryna ZabaryanskayaKievGrade 10
29.Vladislav ZavodykKievGrade 10
30.Mykola HareKrivoy RogGrade 10
31.Zolotariov KlimentiyKharkivGrade 9
32.Ivanchuk RoksolanaKievGrade 8
33.Yuriy IovkoKievGrade 7
34.Anton KaminskyKievGrade 8
35.Kislenko ElenaKievGrade 11
36.Kovalenko ValeriaKievGrade 10
37.Vadim KovalKievGrade 11
38.Andrey KovriginKievGrade 9
39.Kozorak Denysm. ObukhivGrade 8
40.Yana KolodachKievGrade 9
41.Andrey KravetsKievGrade 8
42.Mikhail KupriyanovKharkivGrade 11
43.Ilya LazurenkoKharkivGrade 10
44.Lesynaya AnastasiiaKievGrade 9
45.Konstantin LutsenkoKievGrade 11
46.Mykhailo ManvelyanKievGrade 9
47.Aleksey MasalitinKharkivGrade 10
48.Matuzka DanielKievGrade 8
49.Mytsyk SerhiiKievGrade 10
50.Naumets ZakharKievGrade 9
51.Karina's nechyporukKievGrade 11
52.Mikhail NoskovKramatorskGrade 10
53.Andriy ObertasLutskGrade 11
54.Pasichnyk MykhailoLvivGrade 10
55.Petrusenko VladaKievGrade 11
56.Alexander PopovAmountGrade 10
57.Protsyk MaksymLvivGrade 11
58.Bogdan TrotterFC Dnipro DnipropetrovskGrade 9
59.Alexey RozhkovKharkivGrade 11
60.Andrei RomanovKievGrade 9
61.Romanus YaroslavLvivGrade 10
62.Ronska UlyanaKievGrade 8
63.Rudenko AnastasiiaKievGrade 11
64.Dmytro RudenkoKievGrade 10
65.Volodymyr SaganDonetsk/LymanGrade 10
66.Sachniuk UstinKharkivGrade 10
67.Sdobunov ArtemKharkivGrade 9
68.Slobodyanyuk DenysKharkivGrade 11
69.Solyduk GlebLvivGrade 10
70.Elina SoskinaKievGrade 9
71.Susol CarolineUzhhorodGrade 9
72.Tichkovsky AlexeyKievGrade 11
73.Artem GurazovskyKharkivGrade 9
74.Fedyniak VolodymyrLvivGrade 11
75.Hasin MarcoKievGrade 10
76.Kateryna KhomenkoKhersonGrade 9
77.Mykhailo TsysinKievGrade 11
78.Shashkov VladislavKievGrade 11
79.Ivan ShevchenkoKievGrade 9
80.Konstantin ShemchukKievGrade 8
81.Ilya SkinkoKharkivGrade 9
82.Kateryna ShkrilKievGrade 9
83.Mykhailo ShandenkoKievGrade 10
84.Yudin FedorKievGrade 10
85.Yurkivska VeronikaKievGrade 7
86.Yurchenko ArthurKievGrade 9
87.Roman YianushevskyKievGrade 8

The prepayment we asked to make was in order to reduce the number of "dead souls" who, as always, register for all events that are free and do not come again. Unfortunately too many of those who will surely participate in the selection ignored this is my request. As for me, this is simply a lack of culture and respect for the organizers of events. But we are all equal, so we allow everyone who has registered, the list is given.

As for the selection fee, you can still do it on the accounts of the Athena Fund (but already in full) and provide confirmation of that, or hand over at our short organizational meeting on Monday at 9:30 before the first round. To everyone whose contributions we have seen on the accounts of "Athens", we will talk about it. Others who say they have paid, but we have not seen the funds, will have to ask the senders (probably parents or teachers) to provide confirmation of that. You should not worry about this.

Similarly, at this short meeting, everyone will be able to ask their questions on the rules of the meeting, the agenda, etc. But it is desirable that the first round began no later than 10:15.

Well, the main caveat. This event is a selection for the International Mathematical Olympiads, as well as in two groups – one will directly prepare for the IMO-2019, and the second – the reserve of this team. For all the years, NO student under the age of 8 has made his way to any of the groups. Of the 8th grade students, only single participants made their way to the reserve. Usually, they had already become prize-winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, even studying in the 7th grade, and later they won at the IV stage for the 8th grade. In 2018, these were Zolotariov (Kharkiv) and Naumets (Kyiv), in 2017 – Yudin (Kyiv), Hasin (Kyiv) and Masalitin (Kharkiv), before that there were Sean, Trigub…

In order to participate in such selection in grades 7-8, I would advise you to practice on the tasks of last year's similar selections. If you see that there are tasks of excessive complexity, then you should not torment yourself at such a young age? Believe that this is good advice, look at last year's results and everything will become clear to you. For those of you who have already paid the funds and changed your mind to participate in the event before the 1st round, we will return the funds without question. But if you change your mind, then inform the organizers about it in any way – comments on the site, Facebook, phone, etc.

All the others who have not changed their minds on Monday no later than 9:30 a.m. arrive in the audience of the 01 faculty of cybernetics and look for a sign with their surname in the hall. There, the organizers ask him to sit throughout the 4 rounds. I warn you that it may not be very "hot" there, despite the temperature in the yard, this is a feature of our building.


I have already emphasized the previous problems with the selection process. They were decided on the main option, that is, all participants will live in the UFML. But there was a certain problem with nutrition. This year it will take place in the dining room of the Radio Physics Faculty – adjacent to cybernetics. Please adhere to the time limits of that food. As far as I know, 3 adults from Kharkiv, Lviv and Transcarpathia will take care of non-Kyiv children. Therefore, I ask them to distribute the children evenly in order to help the participants of the selection to follow the agenda so that the event is held as calmly as possible.

Last time I recall the main things for the participants of the selection:

residence of non-Kyiv participants – UFML (Glushkova Ave., 6);

food not Kiev participants – canteen of radiophysical faculty of KNU (Glushkov ave., 4g);

tours for all – audience of the 01st Faculty of Cybernetics of KNU (Glushkov Ave., 4d);

appeal – UFML (Glushkova Ave., 6).

Selection agenda

October 21 (Sunday)

14:00 – 18:00 Arrival of participants of the selection

14:30 Lunch (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

15:00 – 18:00 Free time

18:30 Dinner (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

October 22 (Monday)

9:00 Breakfast (for non-Kiev participants and jury selection members)

9:45 – 10:15 Organizational meeting with the participants of the selection

10:15 – 14:45 1st round of selection

15:00 Lunch (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

15:30 – 19:00 Free time

18:30 Dinner (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

October 23 (Tuesday), October 25 (Thursday), October 26 (Friday)

9:00 Breakfast (for non-Kiev participants and jury selection members)

10:00 – 14:30 Round of selection

14:45 Lunch (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

15:20 – 19:00 Free time

18:30 Dinner (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

October 24 (Wednesday)

9:00 Breakfast (for non-Kiev participants and jury selection members)

10:00 – 12:00 Appeal 1 – 2 rounds of selection

12:00 – 14:30 Free time

14:45 Lunch (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

15.15 – 19:00 Free time

18:30 Dinner (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

October 27 (Saturday)

9:00 Breakfast (for non-Kiev participants and jury selection members)

10:00 – 12:00 Appeal 3 – 4 rounds of selection

12:00 – 14:00 Summing up the selection

14:15 Lunch (for non-Kyiv participants and jury selection members)

15:00 – 18:00 Home departure or transition to participation in the XII All-Ukrainian tournament of mathematical battles named after Academician Lyashko.

Other organizational issues of selection at the IMO

Selection for the International Mathematical Olympiads will be held in two age groups – the senior group "MMO" and the junior group "Junior". It is planned to conduct 4 rounds – each of which will be offered to participants for 4 tasks for 4.5 hours.

The tasks of the first two rounds are planned to be the same for all participants of the selection – regardless of the class of study. At the end of these two rounds, based on the results shown for participation in 3-4 rounds, the jury will divide all participants into two groups, where the tasks will be different.

No more than 12 students will be selected in the "MMO" group. We will hold short-term meetings (6-8 days) with members of this group with the invitation of Ukrainian and foreign lecturers at the IPO of KNU or/and UFML them. Taras Shevchenko. No more than 15 students of 8-10 grades will be selected in the Junior group. For this group, several short-term meetings (6-8 days) will also be held with the invitation of Ukrainian and foreign lecturers at the IPO of the KNU or/and UFML them. Taras Shevchenko. Meetings are scheduled for November, January and March.

In 2019, 4 participants will be invited to participate in romanian master of mathematics, which will show the best results at this year's selection at the IMO. 4 participants will be selected to participate in EGMO, which will show the best result, but not necessarily all of them should perform in the IMO group. If, according to the timing of our team, it will be possible to participate in the Belarusian Republican Olympiad (as it has happened for 2 years in a row), then its composition will also be formed according to the results of the selection for the IMO, but among the participants there will be 2 representatives of 8th, 9th and 10th grades.

Registration for selection





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