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Sedentary tour, basic variation: 7 October (resurrected) at 10:00 in KPNL 145
The sediments tour, the slogan: 21 October (resurrected) at 10:00 in KPNL 145.

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Turnir Gorodov is an interdunarodnaya olimpiada in mathematics for schoolgoers. The set of raschytany on the learning of 8-11 classes. The personity of Turnir gorodov in volume, that is, on the orientytruet participation not on the sports dormant, but on the deafening work on tasks, that is, razvyvyate ducking, careless in issledovatelskoye work.

Turnyr was conducted ezhgodno from 1980, and from 1982/1983 the 2nd round was conducted — the sedidor and the vesnier, say from kotoriy sostoit from two variants — basic and sludge. Slug variant of the iolipiady sopostavy on the difficulty of so All-Russian and Interdunarodnoye mathematics iolipiadoy, basic – a little forgiveness. Participation in kakom-lybo tour and variante does not hang here participation in a friend. Kazhdy varyant is carried out otdelno for mladsh (8−9 classes) and for the elders (10−11 classes). Luby shkolnyk (any class) can take part in Turnyre for his own class or older.

In Moscow, a very sedentary tour is held, and in the september of the tour moskovskaya mathematics iompiad. S nay sovpadaet on time and frequently on the tasks of the sloping variant of the september tour in the second gardens.
Turnyr is conducted by the forces of the Mesnich organizing committees bolechem in 100 gardens bole 25 states of Europe, Azia, Yuzhnoye and Severnoye America, Australa and New Zealand. They will take part in Turnyre can be a kind of settlement item.

There are three more results on the tasks in the variante of the same tour. The contestants, showing in one of the variants of the kakogo-lybo tour an abundantly high result, get the diploma of the beneur of Turnir gorodov. Mestnye organizing committees are entitled to win prizes for a small result.

The financier's mouth tour is held only for 11-year-olds from Russia and the second SNG, having received the diploma of a bedete in 10th grade (autumn or spring) and on the autumn tour in the 11th grade. In addition, the 11th-graders will take part in the 10th grade I, II and III prizes of the Muscovy mathematics odyssey. Lviv for entering the vocational universities is presented to the benemen and prize holders of the ust tour (not a dozen decimals ezhegodno). Otmetim, that is, there is a painful mass olimpiady (for example, Turnir Lomonosova, Obedinennaya intervuzoic mathematics iolipyada), wanderers and prize-bearers of kotorykh collapsing llgoty when giving way to many universities of the fiziko-matematic or technic profile.

The authors of the luscchii work in 9-10 classes take a look at the Letnyu mathematics conference of Turnir Gorodov. Samovar, becoming the symbol of the Interdunarode mathematics turn of the gorodov, is an unprecedented part of the participation.

The main ancient power of Turnira Gorodov is the intuitionism of mathematicians, students, teachers. Thank you very much! Participation in Turnyre is free for schoolmen. Mestnye organizing committees on the requisite of good-willed take-ins."

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