Mathematical zanzibar for 4 – 6 classes. Thematic Olympiads.

Mathematical zanzibar for 4 – 6 classes. Thematic Olympiads.

Transfer of thematic olympiads

I decided this weekend not to hold themed olympiads at all. There are a few considerations here, I'm going to share it with you. These Olympiads are quite specific, I want most future participants of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in mathematics to take part in them. As well as those who win such a right in the regions. Unfortunately, we are supported by a very small number of regions. Therefore, during the autumn All-Ukrainian events (tournament and selection) I would like to consult with representatives of the regions on how to make these Olympiads more interesting, attractive, meaningful, etc. A good sponsor was also planned purely for this cycle of 4 Olympiads (and a possible final in the spring in Kiev), but for some reason he refused. Now there is an active preparation for the EGMO in Kyiv in April 2019, and therefore more and more potential sponsors are emerging, so we hope that someone will take under their patronage this cycle of Olympiads. I want the winners to receive not only moral satisfaction from the result, but also receive some encouragement.

Since these Olympiads are independent of any others, they can be held in another term. I will try very hard this year to do it, but not before November. I'm sorry for these inconveniences, to whom I've ruined my plans a little bit…

Thematic zanzibar for students of 4-6 grades

October 7, 2018

All our events take place at mathematical faculties

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

at Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e

As for organizing, we will talk about this at a meeting with team leaders, teachers, parents, etc., who will be interested in meeting with the organizers of the event. Here I would like to emphasize the idea – all team leaders who liked the participation of your children can (but are not obliged!!!) transfer 50 UAH to the accounts of the Charitable Foundation "Athena", the details of which are here on the site. I hope that the transferred funds will be enough to reimburse our costs – for cleaning, printing materials and future diplomas, etc. If not enough, then it is not scary, the main thing is that your children join our Olympiad movement.


9.00 Jury members arrive at the Zanzibar venue

9.45 Teams arrive at the Zanzibar venue

10.00 Start of Zanzibar in all classes

10.15 Meeting of team leaders with the organizers of the event (aud. 43K)

11.30 Ending Zanzibar across all classes

Distribution of teams by audience

The letter "M" after the audience number means the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,

and the letter "K" is the Faculty of Cybernetics.

4 classes

(Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)


Educational institutionCaptainaudience
1.Gymnasium 178Panda41M
2.Gymnasium 178Twister41M
3.Gymnasium 75Academies41M
4.Lyceum 100 PodilLOGIC41M
5.Polytechnic LyceumAura41M
6.Ush 15741M
7.Ush 173Androids41M
8.US 252Einsteins41M
9.US 252Numerical geniuses41M
12.figureNumber 4.141M
13.figureFigure 4.1041M
14.figureFigure 4.1141M
15.figureFigure 4.1241M
16.figureFigure 4.1341M
17.figureFigure 4.1441M
18.figureFigure 4.1541M
19.figureFigure 4.1741M
20.figureFigure 4.241M
21.figureFigure 4.341M
22.figureFigure 4.441M
23.figureNumber 4.541M
24.figureFigure 4.641M
25.figureFigure 4.741M
26.figureFigure 4.841M
27.figureFigure 4.941M
28.figureFigure 4-1841M
29.figureFigure 4-1941M
30.figureFigure 4-2041M
31.figureFigure 4.1641M


5 classes

(Faculty of Cybernetics)


Educational institutionCaptainaudience
1.Gymnasium 178178-439K
2.Gymnasium 178178-540K
3.Gymnasium 178178-639K
4.Gymnasium 178178-742K
5.Gymnasium 178178-842K
6.Gymnasium 178178-939K
7.Ecology and Culturex3m39K
8.Lyceum 100 PodilThe39K
9.Lyceum 100 Podilgeese40K
10.Lyceum 100 PodilDescartes42K
11.Lyceum 100 PodilGold306K
12.Lyceum 100 Podilintelligence39K
13.Lyceum 100 PodilKv42K
14.Lyceum 100 PodilWinners40K
15.Lyceum 100 PodilFormula39K
16.Lyceum 171 Leader37339K
17.Lyceum 171 LeaderANWA40K
18.Lyceum 171 LeaderAtschelniki42K
19.Lyceum 171 LeaderGods308K
20.Lyceum 171 LeaderDoshirak309K
21.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 139K
22.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 10306K
23.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 1142K
24.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 1240K
25.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 2308K
26.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 342K
27.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 439K
28.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 5309K
29.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 640K
30.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 7306K
31.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 8308K
32.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 939K
33.Lyceum 208CLEVER39K
34.Lyceum 208Natus40K
35.Lyceum 208Everest39K
36.Lyceum 208Jericho42K
37.Lyceum 208Mars39K
38.Holosiivskyi Lyceum 241delta39K
39.Lyceum IntellectRolls39K
40.Lyceum Scientific Change77739K
41.Lyceum Scientific ChangeAmigos309K
42.Lyceum Scientific ChangeFreestylers40K
43.Lyceum Scientific ChangeLNZ306K
44.Lyceum Scientific ChangeMath40K
45.Lyceum Scientific ChangeMathCraft42K
46.Lyceum Scientific ChangeAntares42K
47.Lyceum Scientific Changechange42K
48.Lyceum Scientific ChangeKWAK308K
49.Lyceum Scientific ChangeLNZ 5-G39K
50.Lyceum Scientific ChangeLNZ-5G309K
51.Lyceum Scientific Changepeople40K
52.Lyceum Scientific ChangeMedusa306K
53.Lyceum Scientific ChangePiraminx40K
54.Lyceum Scientific Changeplus308K
55.Lyceum Scientific Changefifth39K
56.Lyceum Scientific ChangeRio de Janeiro309K
57.Lyceum Scientific ChangeRubik's42K
58.Lyceum Scientific Changeshah306K
59.Lyceum Scientific Change39K
60.SPC 157"Arty"39K
61.Polytechnic Lyceumlightning39K
62.Polytechnic LyceumFriends42K
63.Polytechnic LyceumConstant39K
64.Polytechnic LyceumCube42K
65.Polytechnic LyceumMages40K
66.Polytechnic Lyceumtriangle39K
67.Ush 106Humanitaria39K
68.Ush 106Humanitaria 439K
69.Ush 106Humanitaria 540K
70.Ush 106Humanitaria339K
71.figureNumber 5.139K
72.figureNumber 5.242K
73.figureNumber 5.340K
74.figureNumber 5.439K
75.figureNumber 5-5308K
76.figureNumber 5-640K
77.figureFigure 5-739K


6 classes

(Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics)


Educational institutionCaptainaudience
1.Gymnasium 178178-145M
2.Gymnasium 178178-1044M
3.Gymnasium 178178-234M
4.Gymnasium 178178-342M
5.Gymnasium 178archimedes45M
6.National teamXYZ45M
7.Lyceum 100 PodilPodol 144M
8.Lyceum 100 PodilPodol 242M
9.Lyceum 100 PodilPodol 320M
10.Lyceum 100 PodilPodol 445M
11.Lyceum 100 PodilPodol 545M
12.Lyceum 100 PodilSorrel45M
13.Lyceum 171 LeaderArccosinus44M
14.Lyceum 171 LeaderArcsinus45M
15.Lyceum 171 LeaderArcsinus21M
16.Lyceum 171 LeaderArctangent42M
17.Lyceum 171 LeaderDrachuna45M
18.Lyceum 171 LeaderCosine34M
19.Lyceum 171 LeaderCotangent20M
20.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 144M
21.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 221M
22.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 345M
23.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 434M
24.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 544M
25.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 642M
26.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeader 742M
27.Lyceum 171 LeaderLeaders20M
28.Lyceum 171 LeaderSmart45M
29.Lyceum 171 LeaderSinus21M
30.Lyceum 171 LeaderTangent34M
31.Lyceum 171 LeaderStuds44M
32.Lyceum 208Botanics45M
33.Lyceum 208DiMaSya42M
34.Lyceum 208Gold44M
35.Lyceum 208Masai42M
36.Lyceum 208Tamers45M
37.Lyceum 208Prometheus20M
38.Lyceum 208Razdelily21M
39.Lyceum 208Emoticons44M
40.Lyceum 208thor34M
41.Holosiivskyi Lyceum 241142M
42.Holosiivskyi Lyceum 241220M
43.Holosiivskyi Lyceum 241345M
44.Holosiivskyi Lyceum 241445M
45.Lyceum Scientific Change"2+1"21M
46.Lyceum Scientific ChangeGeeks45M
47.Lyceum Scientific ChangeScientists34M
48.Lyceum Scientific ChangeFriends44M
49.Lyceum Scientific ChangeFriends20M
50.Lyceum Scientific ChangeEpsilon45M
51.Lyceum Scientific ChangeKWAK42M
52.Lyceum Scientific ChangeLilith21M
53.Lyceum Scientific ChangeMartynenko44M
54.Lyceum Scientific Changeeagle45M
55.Lyceum Scientific ChangePenguins42M
56.Lyceum Scientific ChangePythagoras34M
57.Lyceum Scientific ChangeStrelchenko45M
58.Lyceum Scientific ChangeFormula45M
59.Polytechnic Lyceum2+220M
60.Polytechnic LyceumDreamTeam45M
61.Polytechnic LyceumUnicorns21M
62.Polytechnic LyceumNapoleon42M
63.Polytechnic LyceumRus'44M
64.Polytechnic LyceumTkachenko34M
65.Polytechnic LyceumFondan42M
66.Polytechnic LyceumGuys44M
67.Polytechnic Lyceumhawk45M
68.Slavic GymnasiumMathematics45M
69.Ush 106Humanitaria 145M
70.Ush 106Humanitaria 220M
71.Ush 106Humanitaria 344M
72.Ush 112rainbow45M
73.Ush 112sails44M
74.Ush 112Mafia45M
75.Ush 112Foreshadowings21M
76.USH 194 Perspectivelightning45M
77.USH 194 PerspectiveKaras34M
78.USH 194 PerspectiveMathematical42M
79.USH 194 Perspectiveperspective45M
80.USH 194 Perspective20M
81.USH 307Minecraft45M
82.TL NTUU "KPI"Lazarenko45M
83.TL NTUU "KPI"Matviiuk42M
84.TL NTUU "KPI"Pushba21M





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