Oral Team Olympiad of the XV Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Oral Team Olympiad of the XV Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Agenda and distribution of audiences
of September 2018

rules of oral team olympiad

Agenda of the Oral Team Olympiad

830 Arrival of all members of the senior and middle league jury, aud. 39 FC

5 Arrival of captains of middle and senior league teams and mid-league observers to the meeting, ad. 43 FC

0 Start of oral team olympiad for senior and middle league teams

1200 Completion of the Oral Team Olympiad for all leagues

1200 Arrival of all jury members of the youngest and youngest leagues, aud. 39 FC

1215 Arrival of captains and observers of the youngest and youngest league teams to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

1230 Start of oral team olympiad for teams of the youngest and junior leagues

1500 Completion of the oral team olympiad for the teams of the youngest and junior leagues

1530 Start of the meeting of team leaders in the audience of the 221st Faculty of Cybernetics, summarizing the Olympiad, forming groups at the XV Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles

Distribution of classrooms for oral team olympiad

This link shows the audiences in which teams will compete. I ask that during the competition and at the end of the Olympiad there is order in the classrooms – both in terms of honest behavior, and in understanding the preservation of property, garbage collection behind me. It is for the correctness of honesty during the Olympiad and the order in the audience that the observers present in this audience are responsible. But also for their teams in case of certain misunderstandings or adversity will be responsible contacts registered on the site.

Senior League (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and Faculty of Cybernetics)

1.      302MScientific change-1Andrey Abdulaev
2.      303MGymnasium No 178-1Malyi Vyacheslav
3.      305M145+208Kateryna Peas
4.      307MPNL No 145-1Bernada Dmitriy
5.      308MTL NTUU "KPI-1Olesya Polishchuk
6.      8KTL NTUU "KPI-2Anton Krotov
7.      202MScientific change-2Bohdan-Yarema Dekhtyar
8.      203MUFML KNU-1Anna Witkin
9.      204MPolytechnic Lyceum – 2Ivan Kucha
10.  21MPolytechnic Lyceum – 1Cyril Zaritsky
11.  206MPNL No145-2Ksenia Tonkoshkur
12.  10KPNL No145-3Olga Bisura
13.  208MLyceum 208-1Nechyporuk Karina
14.  209MKNU-2 UFMLVasyl Bakay
15.  210MSPC No143-1Black Władysław
16.  20MRusanivsky Lyceum-1Hasin Mark
17.  207MRusanivsky Lyceum-2Polina Kozarovitska
18.  205MSchool No 202-1Yuriy Borysenko
19.  9KLeader-1Andrey Fomichov
20.  309MLeader 2Shashkov Vladislav
21.  12KGymnasium No 178-2Bondarenko Varvara
22.  306MHolosiivskyi-1 LyceumBelenchuk Dmitriy
23.  304MNational team-1Zagorodniy Andrey

Middle League (Faculty of Cybernetics)

1.      302KGymnasium No178-1Chukkovskaya IaRusanivsky Lyceum-1
2.      17KGymnasium No178-2Kirin OlegRusanivsky Lyceum-2
3.      304KPolytechnic-1Gaponyuk VyacheslavPNL No 145-2
4.      305KKPNL No 145-1Andrei RomanovTL NTUU KPI-1
5.      306KLyceum Podol-1Stroller MargaritaPNL No 145-3
6.      308KScientific change-1Chervak PlatoLyceum 208-1
7.      309KLyceum No171 Leader-1Anton GogolUFML KNU-1
8.      18KLyceum No171 Leader-2Danylo VolobuevGymnasium No178-1
9.      311KRusanivsky Lyceum-1Prokhor NohtunGymnasium No178-2
10.  303KRusanivsky Lyceum-2Wadim KilledPolytechnic-1
11.  15KKPNL No 145-2Leonid LyukhLyceum Podol-1
12.  16KTL NTUU KPI-1Maria DvorakKPNL No145-1
13.  33KPNL No 145-3Carnela TkachukScientific change-1
14.  312KLyceum 208-1Ivan ShevchenkoLyceum No171 Leader-1
15.  310KUFML KNU-1PopovichLyceum No171 Leader-2

2010–12 UEFA Europa League group

1.      302MPNL No145-1Natalia BaganHolosiivskyi-1
2.      206MPNL No145-2Anton KaminskyRl-8-1
3.      304MScientific change-1Zaspa MarinaPNL 145-3
4.      204MScientific change-2Havryliuk AntonRl-8-2
5.      306MLyceum Leader-1Malyniak O.Gymnasium 178-1
6.      303MLyceum Leader-2Tereshchenko P.Gymnasium 178-2
7.      308MUFML KNU-1MikhalovaBase-1
8.      309MHolosiivskyi-1Golovan ArtemPNL No145-1
9.      202MRl-8-1Babiy VarvaraPNL No145-2
10.  203MPNL 145-3Zagoruyko DaniloScientific change-1
11.  307MRl-8-2Marina KucherScientific change-2
12.  205MGymnasium 178-1Klymchuk AliceLyceum Leader-1
13.  305MGymnasium 178-2Pozdnyakova KarinaLyceum Leader-2
14.  207MBase-1Ronska UlyanaUFML KNU-1

2010–12 UEFA Europa League group

1.      311KSchool 194-1Ivan Kohut-BuyanovskyLyceum PODOL-1
2.      303KINTELLECT-1Malik MykytaLyceum PODOL-2
3.      17KINTELLECT-2Bogdan KatsarovRusanivsky -1
4.      305KGymnasium No178-1Degtyarenko KirillTechnical Lyceum-2
5.      13KGymnasium No178-2Kozachenko KaterynaLyceum Leader-3
6.      308KTechnical Lyceum-1Panov NikolayRusanivsky -2
7.      309KScientific change-3Tkachenko MaximLyceum 208-3
8.      310KLyceum Leader-1Kirilyuk PolinaLyceum 208-4
9.      302KLyceum Leader-2Ivan MilohodovScientific change-1
10.  312KLyceum No208-1Sofia BrustinovaScientific change-2
11.  15KLyceum No208-2Dmytro LydyboretsSchool 194-1
12.  16KLyceum PODOL-1Daniil LukashovINTELLECT-1
13.  306KLyceum PODOL-2Mikhail RybachkovskyINTELLECT-2
14.  18KRusanivsky -1Andrey BrovchenkoGymnasium No178-1
15.  8KTechnical Lyceum-2Dvorak MaksymGymnasium No178-2
16.  9KLyceum Leader-3Alexander KlindukhTechnical Lyceum-1
17.  10KRusanivsky -2Evgeniya RyabichenkoScientific change-3
18.  12KLyceum 208-3Kotyk BogdanLyceum Leader-1
19.  304KLyceum 208-4Roman KoziukLyceum Leader-2
20.  14KScientific change-1Anatoliy VerkhovodovLyceum No208-1
21.  1KScientific change-2Roman PieLyceum No208-2



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