Thematic Olympiads

Thematic Olympiads

Surveys on participation in thematic olympiads

The survey will last until 14.00 Wednesday 26 September 2018

This year we have again plans to hold 4 thematic Olympiads – in algebra, geometry, combinatorics and number theory for students of 9th – 11th grades. The level of tasks is focused on those who claim to participate in the IV stage of the Olympiad from their region. Therefore, we can take part in these olympiads by students of any field, if there is anyone to organize it all.

But before organizing all this, I would like to know if they are really interested in our young mathematicians. Therefore, we conduct surveys about those who want to take part in these events and in which ones. If it turns out that there are very few such people for the whole of Kyiv, then we will not torment either ourselves or you with an attempt to organize them. If there are enough people, then we will try to organize them at a higher level, but this later…, so far, we need to ask possible participants. The first two Olympiads may take place on October 6 and 7, 2018. The survey is mainly designed for Kyiv residents, but if students from other regions respond, then there will be nothing wrong with that. If you have wishes on how you can change the form of their conduct, then write about it in the comments.




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