"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 16, 2018

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 16, 2018

Agenda and distribution of audiences


According to the comments, as well as other clarifications of the plaque distribution of some teams by audience, be careful

Message to team owner

distribution of audiences

The youngest league (7 classes)

Start at Zanzibar at 10:00 a.m.

(all teams compete in mechanics and mathematics

faculty in classrooms 41, 42, 20, 21, 34 and 302-306)

57 comma

 Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.42Gymnasium No 1781Kumeiko
2.20Gymnasium No 1781Crawley
3.34Gymnasium No 1781Cats
4.21Gymnasium No 1781Zaytsi
5.41Gymnasium No 1781Dyachenko
6.42Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Digital
7.20Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Tkachenko
8.34Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Stinger
9.302Lyceum "Scientific Change"2S.N.Z.
10.303Lyceum "Scientific Change"2pie
11.304Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Nazarenko
12.305Lyceum "Scientific Change"2people
13.306Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Kasyanov
14.306Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Daniel
15.304Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Aquarius
16.303Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Veselnitschiki
17.21Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Verkhovedov
18.21Lyceum "Scientific Change"2Andrutsky
19.34Lyceum "Scientific Change"2AndriyKolisnyk
20.42Lyceum "Scientific Change"2axiom
21.41Lyceum "Scientific Change"2SmartAnts
22.41Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"3Chromosomes
23.41Lyceum "Holosiivskyi"3VitaminD
24.42Lyceum "Leader"4Yasko
25.20Lyceum "Leader"4Predators
26.21Lyceum "Leader"4Omikron
27.302Lyceum "Leader"4Maksymets
28.305Lyceum "Leader"4Liplyansky
29.306Lyceum "Leader"4Klindukh
30.304Lyceum "Leader"4Epsilon
31.303Lyceum "Leader"4delta
32.34Lyceum "Leader"4gamma
33.42Lyceum "Leader"4all
34.41Lyceum "Leader"4beta
35.41Lyceum No 2085Joes
36.42Lyceum No 20852010–11 Ukrainian Team
37.20Lyceum No 2085208-2
38.34Lyceum No 2085208-1
39.41Lyceum No100 "PODIL"6Lukashov
40.41Lyceum No100 "PODIL"6Kostiuk
41.41Lyceum No1427142-7a
42.41Lyceum No1427142-7b
43.42Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"8shah
44.41Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"8Sprok
45.20Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"8Hunters
46.41Rusanivsky Lyceum9Ryabichenko
47.42Rusanivsky Lyceum9Miklevsky
48.41Rusanivsky Lyceum9Korzhenko
49.41School No1 m. Ukrainka, Ukraine10Dernova
50.41Technical Lyceum "KPI"11Shelestov
51.42Technical Lyceum "KPI"11Geeks
52.20Technical Lyceum "KPI"11Styopa
53.21Technical Lyceum "KPI"11Andriyovych
54.302Technical Lyceum "KPI"11PL-3
55.34Technical Lyceum "KPI"11Squid
56.41FMG No 17 Vinnitsa12FMG -17
57.41FMG No 17 Vinnitsa12Mini

Junior League (8 classes)

Start at Zanzibar at 10:00 a.m.

(all teams compete at the Faculty of Cybernetics

audiences 39, 40, 16, 17 and 18)

35 comma

 Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.39Gymnasium No 1781Klymchuk
2.40Gymnasium No 1781Gundar
3.16Gymnasium No 1781kströmal
5.39Globus International School3Stalwarts
6.39Lyceum "Naukova Zina"4Phoenix
7.39Lyceum "Naukova Zina"4Infinity
8.40Lyceum "Naukova Zina"4Integral
9.39Lyceum "Leader"5Cheburator
10.39Lyceum "Leader"5CPL
11.40Lyceum "Leader"5orange
12.40Lyceum "Leader"5Bulo4ki
13.39Lyceum No 2086Kholodkov
14.39Lyceum No1427No142-8v(2)
15.40Lyceum No1427No142-8b
16.40Lyceum No1427No142-8a
17.16Lyceum No1427No142 8v(1)
18.39PNL No 1458Schworak
19.39PNL No 1458Chornomorets
20.40PNL No 1458Seleznyov
21.18PNL No 1458Prismatics
22.18PNL No 1458Panfilov
23.18PNL No 1458Zako
24.17PNL No 1458Galaburda
25.17PNL No 1458Borisenko
26.17PNL No 1458Proteins!
27.16PNL No 1458Champions
28.39Rusanivsky Lyceum9Spectorovska
29.40Rusanivsky Lyceum9Womanizer
30.39Slavic Gymnasium10Fixes
31.39School No 13211Yurevych
32.39School No 5212Grecha
33.39UFML KNU13Mikhalova
34.40UFML KNU13Leus
35.39Base School14Foreshadowings

Middle league (9 classes)

Zanzibar kicks off at 10:30 a.m.

(all teams compete at the Faculty of Cybernetics

audiences 43, 42 and 33)

32 team

 Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.43Troyeshchyna Gymnasium1SHAPKA
2.43Gymnasium No 1782Melon
3.42Gymnasium No 1782Bananas
4.33Gymnasium No 1782Arbuzy
6.43Lyceum "Naukova Zina"4Sho?
7.42Lyceum "Naukova Zina"4Stone
8.43Lyceum "Leader"5Leader3
9.42Lyceum "Leader"5Leader2
10.33Lyceum "Leader"5Leader1
11.43Lyceum No 2086208
12.43Lyceum No100 "PODIL"7Division100
13.42Lyceum No1428No142-9a
14.43Lyceum No1428No142-9v
15.42Lyceum No1428No142-9b
16.43Globus International School9Bravo
17.43PNL No 14510Tkachuk
18.42PNL No 14510Blacksmiths
19.33PNL No 14510Condensed
20.43PNL No 145101459b
21.43Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"11Enigma
22.43Rusanivsky Lyceum12Gentr.
23.42Rusanivsky Lyceum12Prybylo
24.33Rusanivsky Lyceum12Levchenko
25.43School No 13213Pozdnyakov
26.43Technical Lyceum "KPI"14Chorda
27.42Technical Lyceum "KPI"14ix+
28.43UFML KNU15Tsybulkin
29.42UFML KNU15Toryanyk
30.42UFML KNU15Lutai
31.43FMG No 17 Vinnitsa16axiom
32.43FMG No 17 Vinnitsa16BlackStar

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Zanzibar kicks off at 10:30 a.m.

(all teams compete in mechanics and mathematics

faculty in classrooms 45, 44, 307 and 309)

33 teams

 Aud.Educational institution Name/Captain
1.45Gymnasium No 1781Kaidashi
2.44Gymnasium No 1781Dvornichenko
3.45Lyceum "Naukova Zina"2LNZ
4.44Lyceum "Naukova Zina"2Gurinenko
5.307Lyceum "Naukova Zina"2Bashtova
6.45Lyceum "Leader"3Tsisin
7.309Lyceum "Leader"3Lyder 10-1
8.45Lyceum No1424No142-11a
9.44Lyceum No1424No142-10v
10.45Lyceum No1424No142-10b
11.307Lyceum No1424No142-10a
12.309Lyceum No1424No142 11 b
13.45SPC No. 1435black
14.45PNL No 1456Swahul
15.44PNL No 1456Zubareva
16.307PNL No 1456Zabaryanskaya
17.45PNL No 1456Driń
18.44PNL No 1456Bisyura
19.309PNL No 1456Dream
20.45Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"7PL-10
21.44Polytechnic Lyceum "KPI"7Endspile
22.44Rusanivsky Lyceum8Shtefienko
23.45Rusanivsky Lyceum8Feschenko
24.45Rusanivsky Lyceum8Poseidno
25.45School No 1129Krivulka
26.45School No 13210Dosenko
27.45School No 20211Borisenko
28.45Technical Lyceum "KPI"12Ovocheslad
29.44Technical Lyceum "KPI"1247
30.45UFML KNU13Korosko
31.44UFML KNU13Vitka
32.45UFML KNU13Buckeye
33.45FMG No 17 Vinnitsa14Please

Agenda, information for the jury and other issues

Zanzibar Agenda

900 Arrival of the youngest and youngest leagues to set up techniques and solve other

930 Arrival of the middle and senior league jury to set up techniques and solve other organizing questions

945 Arrival of the youngest and youngest league teams

The youngest league (not older than 7th grade)

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Audiences 41 (Basic), 42, 20, 21, 34 and 302-306

Junior League (8 classes)

Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 39 (Basic), 40, 16, 17 and 18

1000 Start of the competition of the youngest and youngest leagues

1015 Arrival of middle and senior league teams

Middle league (9 classes)

Faculty of Cybernetics, Audience 43 (Basic), 42 and 33

Senior League (Grades 10-11)

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Auditorium 45 (Basic), 44, 307 and 309

1030 Start of middle and senior league competition

1045 Team Leaders Meeting in the Auditorium of the 221st Faculty of Cybernetics

1200 Completing the Competition of the Youngest and Junior Leagues

1230 Completion of the competition of middle and senior leagues

Information for parents

During the zanzibar, it is advisable not to interfere with its holding by its constant presence in the audience where the events are held. You can go in and see, but please do it promptly and get out. Jury members need to move between audiences to update results quickly, so it's not advisable for them to stumble on your backs in classrooms or at the door.



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