Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

4-1024x376 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

From August 27 to September 2, the 12th Central European Mathematical Olympiad took place in Bielsko-Lyala, southern Poland. This prestigious international competition is attended by 10 countries of Central Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland. In addition, every year the organizers have the right to invite one guest country. This year Poland invited Ukraine and we gladly accepted the invitation.

5-1024x768 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

At MEMO, each team should consist of 6 participants who did not participate in this year's International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and at the same time will still be able to participate in the next IMO. That is, MEMO enables more participants to gain experience of international competitions, and positions itself as a preparatory Olympiad for IMO for the next year. For many participating countries, such as Hungary, this Olympiad is a very prestigious competition, for which the team is selected together with the team at the IMO.

Our country at MEMO was represented by:

  1. Fedyniak Volodymyr (m. Lviv, Grade 11, LFML)
  2. Aleksey Masalitin (m. Kharkiv, Grade 10, Kharkiv FML No 27)
  3. Catherine peas (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, KPNL No 145)
  4. Oles Golyombovsky (m. Uzhhorod, Grade 11, UZSI with PPOP)
  5. Petrusenko Vlada (m. Kyiv, Grade 11, Novopecherska School)
  6. Nechyporuk Karina (m. Kyiv, grade 11, Lyceum No 208).

The team leaders were Alexander Dashkov and this year's IMO silver medalist Arseniy Nikolaev.

6-1024x768 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

The peculiarity of MEMO is that it consists of individual and team competitions, each of which lasts 5 hours. At the individual competition, the students were offered 4 tasks, one of the four main sections of Olympiad mathematics: algebra, combinatorics, geometry and number theory. The team competition consisted of 8 tasks, two from each section. In the team competition, all participants solve problems together, which gives the Olympiad a special atmosphere.

2-1024x381 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018 1-1024x374 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

Another feature of MEMO is that the maximum score for each task is 8 points. This tradition is a follow-up of the Austrian system, since this Olympiad is the successor to the Austro-Polish Mathematical Olympiad.

Conditions of individual competition

Conditions of team competition

Our team showed a very good result in an individual competition:

FedyniakVladimirUKR1888832Gold medal
MasalitinAlexeyUKR2848828Silver Medal
peaCatherine (country)UKR3688830Silver Medal
GollembowskiOlesUKR4828018Bronze medal
PetrusenkopowerUKR5688830Silver Medal
NechyporukKarinaUKR6488020Bronze medal

This year, the jury chose not enough difficult tasks for the individual competition, which led to the fact that 8 participants showed an absolute result and therefore three of our participants, who showed the three best non-absolute results, had to receive a silver medal.

Nevertheless, the best result of our team is to win the team competition. Here our team received 62 points out of 64 possible.

3-1024x768 Unsurpassed performance of the Ukrainian team at MEMO2018

The full results, conditions and solutions of problems can be found on the official website of the Olympiad.

Active communication with other teams and their managers, with organizers, experience in protecting the work of participants who acquire team leaders at this level at this level is no less important part of the overall team experience than the ability to solve problems by participants.

We are confident that our team's participation in the Middle European Mathematical Olympiad was extremely useful and successful. In addition, it has become a good preparation of a part of the team for this year's European Girls' Olympiad (EGMO), which will be held in Kyiv in April 2019, and for the next IMO.



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