On corruption in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads until 2007

On corruption in the All-Ukrainian Olympiads until 2007


Probably one of the first to get roman Cheplyak's post about the actions of his teacher:

Roman also published his story on the page in the FB, where it is lively discussed.

About Mytelman from Cheplyak

Part of this story concerns mathematical Olympiads of Ukraine, so I believe that this news should be discussed on our website, at least, so that everyone who cares, if they do not express their thoughts or memories, then at least be aware of these cases.

About pedopheia

In that branch, 99% of attention is devoted to the disgusting actions of the mytelman in the country, in the lyceum, etc. I don't want to repeat them here. These actions simply confirm that a person who is unworthy of one thing is often unworthy in many other things. Everyone who is interested in this topic, please speak directly in the branch of Roman Cheplyak, the link to which is given above.

On corruption in olympiads

Since the formation of independence in Ukraine Olympiads were engaged in different people, each of whom contributed his share in the development of this direction. But in the early 2000s, the "Olympiad group" was formed at the head of the Olympiads, the basis of which was Radchenko Vadim (now a professor at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), Yasinsky Vyacheslav (Vinnitsa), Lefura Valentin (Mykolaiv) (both already in the best world) and Mitelman (Odessa). The main theses of their activities in the early 2000s were the following: "we deserve it", "we have the right to do it", "we are the best Olympiads in the country, so our students are the best", etc.

The purpose of their further actions is not so easy to understand. Perhaps these are great awards for those who have prepared the winner of the International Olympiad, perhaps their own ambitions, perhaps something else… But the facts are as follows. They "alternately" appeared students, whom they took turns "thutming" in the team of Ukraine at the IMO. It was after the horrific performance of two Yasindy students at the IMO in 2002, when they did not even receive an honorary award, that we began to tell everyone that everything is far from honesty and justice. But we were not listened to very much. Then twice the internationalist was Roman Cheplyak, for the achievements of which Mittelman received the "long-awaited" title of Honored Teacher of Ukraine. According to Roman's stories, we understand how everything happened. When Yasinskyi's student claims to be a team member of the IMO, Yasinsky did not formally participate in the jury, but Radchenko, Leifura and Mittelman worked there, when the student of Mittelman went, radchenko, Yasinsky and Leifur led the selection… For the "drain" of tasks should be directly responsible for who was the head of the selection. At the moment, I do not know the names of the leaders, but it is obvious that Radchenko was fully aware of this and this could not pass by his attention. By such actions, they also undermined the belief in the honesty of the results of other disciples. Similarly, the jury included more people than these four. In addition, if other jury members were aware of these manipulations, they are no less guilty of corruption.

We are waiting for feedback from everyone, but especially those who were involved in these events by participants, the jury, or simply by outside observers, as well as anyone who wants to express their opinion on this matter.

Let me remind you that this news has already gone beyond Ukraine, thanks to the FB, many foreign Olympiads are aware of Roman's confession and corruption of former leaders who have cast a shadow over Ukraine's international reputation.

A couple more notes

We managed olympiads in Ukraine from 2007 to 2011, when we were removed again and returned the "old new team". I wrote about the negative from this back in 2012 on our former website Then I had to convince for a long time the need to publish those theses. One respected professor on my accusations said very simply "You did not grab their hand…". No, they didn't. As it becomes clear now, others – Roman Cheplyak and others – grabbed the "hand". Now the point for Olympians is to respond and publish known facts, of course, if they have matured before.

I cede my texts from 2012 as a reminder:

Well, a little more facts about the IV stage of olympiads. At one time, the winners of these Olympiads had different preferences when entering. Once they were enrolled in the leading higher education of Ukraine for an interview and even without an interview. So it was in those days that the winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics were yasinsky's daughter and Leifura's son. And it is in the final 11th grade, before not being prize-winners (and maybe participants, I no longer remember this).

To the honor of the leaders of the Ukrainian team in all years, they have never been involved in corruption at the IMO. What Mytelman created happened at the time when he was the coordinator, that is, he was actually the representative of the country of the organizer, not Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!


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