Archive 31.08.2018

Tv channel Ukraine launches an international TV project

UKRAINE TV channel launches an international TV project, intellectual talent show "BRAIN", which has gained fans around the world. Germany, usa, Italy, France, Japan, China, Poland, Russia and now Ukraine is looking for and selects its intellectual heroes who will compete for the title "BRAIN OF THE NATION" and a huge cash prize.
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"Mathematical Zanzibar" XV of the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rubleva

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Information for the jury

I remind you that potential jury members who wish to assist in the events should register here:

Jury Registration

To conduct zan
zibar it is necessary a rather limited jury, unlike other events, so the seniors in the league will choose their assistants themselves. But anyone wishing to help can arrive at this event.

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Announcement of autumn All-Ukrainian events and important information for the jury

About the jury of various mathematical events

As always, we first provide information about the jury and for the jury. Our young mathematicians, as soon as they become adults (that is, students of universities), immediately believe that they know everything and know all the events. And next to an adult – a teacher, parents, heads of circles, etc., who would tell and remind about certain events – there is no. Therefore, let's hope that at the beginning of the message our future jury members will not be forgiven.

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