Updating the lists of participants of LMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

Updating the lists of participants of LMSH "Mathematical Olympus"

Greetings to all future members of the LMSH and their parents.
We took into account the comments about incorrectness in the registration of which you informed us.

Updateds can be found at the link

As always, participants whose contributions we saw on the accounts of the charitable foundation are highlighted in white.
We ask you to check the information in the table again. Namely, the correct spelling of the name, the class in which the child will study, the need for gutozhytka during training, the correctness of the name of the educational institution. Note that the deadline for paying part of the fire (for all participants except those who registered additionally) has expired. All questions about corrections in the provided information can be solved by writing to Andriy Anikushyn in the


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