Participants admitted to the VLSH "Mathematical Olympus"

Participants admitted to the VLSH "Mathematical Olympus"

General considerations

Thanks to the goodwill of the UFML leadership this year, we can allow everyone who has timely registered to participate in the "Mathematical Olympus" school. There are certain changes in classes, because in the comments there were requests to change classes for children, but the fundamental numbers have not changed.


(without dormitory)
Not Kyivans

(with dormitory)


Grade 5272612
Grade 66125363
Grade 76917523
Grade 83615212
Grade 93711262
Grades 10-115011392

Lists for payment of office:


We will try to promptly update the lists of each banking day so that you can see whether your contribution has come. The most important thing is to do everything correctly, indicate the name of the child from whom the contribution is made.

Also, please check the position of the needs of the dormitory, if you have 1 in the appropriate column, and you plan to live on the terms of Kiev from relatives (or somewhere else), then let us know at the same time as paying the fee. This is especially true for students with UFML.

According to the agreement, you must pay the office no later than June 25, 2018. I ask those who hesitated, forgot, etc., after the deadline not to pay anything. You will be counted as those who have changed their minds to participate in this year's VLSH. Depending on the number of those who changed their minds, the answer will depend on those who are late with registration.

About educators

Fortunately, this year a fairly significant number of teachers/parents have volunteered to be educators in our LSG. We are very grateful to everyone who responded to this request. With such a number of participants, the coordinated work of educators will ensure the quality of the LSE – this applies primarily to the dining room, so that there are no unnecessary queues and thickness, as well as all other moments. For the normal functioning of the VLSH, we will need 14 main educators (for each group of training) and 3-4 additional ones – this is for subscrimming the main ones for a while, to solve other issues, in particular for the care of children at the sports site). We present a preliminary list of educators who have agreed on their participation.


Grade 5Vitaliy Ivko (Kyiv)Olga Khomenko (Kyiv)
Grade 6Iryna Petrenko (Zaporizhia)Marina Dmytrenko (Zaporizhia0)Maria Hurtova (Mykolaiv)
Grade 7Tatyana Szymanska (Poltava)Nazarenko Tatyana Ivanivna (Zaporizhia)Tatiana Munhun (Poltava)
Grade 8Bezugla Viktoriia Georgiivna (Zaporizhia)Elena Kamenina (Rubizhne)
Grade 9Iryna Vasylieva (Zaporizhia)Elena Udovichka (Kremenchuk)
Grades 10-11Elena Leshko (Uzhhorod)Dmitry Marchenko (Kropivnitsky)
Dodd-Dodd-AllSvitlana Khovrak (Kremenchuk)

The coordinator of the educators' work will be S.M. Gowrak, so those of the teachers /parents, who are very important to be a teacher this year, please contact her. Another 2-3 positions of additional educators are free for us.

Next terms of VLSH

June 10 – 25, 2018 – those who are on the lists for participation in the LMSH must transfer part of the amount of their participation in the summer school to the accounts of the charitable foundation "Athena". For all Kyiv residents and non-Residents, this amount is 1000 UAH. With full confidence that nothing will prevent participation in the LMS, you can transfer the entire planned amount at once. I remind you that in case of refusal to participate, the return of this amount from the accounts of the Charitable Foundation has certain problems.

June 26 – 30, 2018 – the organizing committee of the summer school will present on the site the final lists of participants of the summer school and will calmly prepare for its holding.

Details of the fund "Athena"

Charitable organization

Charitable Foundation "Athena"

04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4b

Account No. 26006052622723


MFO 320649

EDRPPO code 36138219

In the purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate

"CHARITABLE ASSISTANCE TO MATHEMATICAL OLYMPIADS from a certain participant of the LMSH" (you must specify the surname and name).

Thus, at the end of June, we will more or less know the number of participants in the summer school. The participants who registered made a prepayment, but did not come to the LMSH, either leave the contribution in our accounts, or will be concerned about its return.

Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin

Bohdan Rublev

If you have any questions or suggestions, then contact us with them, we will gladly discuss them. It is very likely that you have your own vision to improve the work of our/your summer school.

Glory to Ukraine


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