Participants of All-Ukrainian Olympiad 5-7 classes

Participants of All-Ukrainian Olympiad 5-7 classes

Submitted applications from regions

Now we present a list of participants of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics among students of 5-7 grades under the auspices of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Participants by oblast

Now I ask you to deliver the contact phone number of the team leader if there is a need for urgent transfer of information. I emphasize that it is the necessary contact of adults who will be with children during the Olympiad. Therefore, I ask you to make appropriate clarifications to the above data.

We are waiting for your arrival on Friday, April 27 until lunchtime. We will give the address of arrival of each team upon completion of clarification of all garlic of the Olympiad. Approximately on Monday, April 23. If you think that your team is fully formed, then do not forget that the children have a standard certificate about the possibility of staying in the children's team.


Clarification on the deadline for applications

Since this Olympiad is held for the first time, I would like representatives of each region to take part in it. Therefore, all representatives of the regions who plan to participate in the event, but have not yet fully decided on certain organizing questions (participants, managers, financial issues, etc.), please warn the organizers about this and provide proper information.

Some representatives of the regions ask about the possibility of additional adults arriving with the students. We will try to resolve this issue. But you must urgently make specific clarifications about additional adults – full name and contact number. On Monday, there should already be a distribution in dormitories, I think that will be unfortunate due to such a delay to settle in different dormitories with a child.

Unfortunately, since April 1, 2018, the cost of daily living has slightly increased in dormitories. Now we agree on this issue, I hope that this increase will be unsuitable.


For participants of regions that have not applied

If none of those to whom I applied from the region has submitted an official application, then representatives of the leading educational institution in the region can take it on themselves and deliver to us a team (or 1-2 participants with a manager) from their institution. If several such applications are submitted, we will give preference to the first of all.




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