Mathematical camp in Poland

Mathematical camp in Poland

Maths Beyond Limits is a 2-week international camp for schoolchildren who want to solve Olympic tasks and/or work out in science. In addition to mathematical events, there will be many entertainment: board games, various master classes, movie nights, hiking, sports.
Details can be found on their official website: (and on the Facebook page:

Language: English.
Dates: September 9-21, 2018.
If necessary, you can ask the organizers to fix the problems with the school.
Who can participate: anyone who finishes school this year or later.
The application includes tasks to be completed by April 30 (inclusive):
Cost: not more than 150 euros.
Previous years the camp was free, but unfortunately this year there are problems with this. However, organizers are still looking for sponsors; In addition, if you have financial difficulties, this can be noted separately and you will still be helped with money.
In any case, it will not be superfluous to solve interesting tasks (according to the above link).


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