Archive 30.04.2018

Ukraine national team selection for IMO

According to the results of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics, 16 participants of the selection for the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) in 2018 were selected. For 4 rounds of selection, which will be held in the IMO format – 3 tasks for 4.5 hours in each round – 6 best will be selected, which will represent our country in July this year in Cluj (Romania). Read More

Appeal of the First All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics for students of 5-7 grades

Participants who believe that their work is evaluated in exact accordance with the criteria arrive for closing in the assembly hall at 12:00

Participants who believe that their work needs to be reviewed arrive in audience 112 (all classes) at 9:00 (or after breakfast) and write an application for an appeal – that is, indicate which task was evaluated not in accordance with the above criteria. Then they wait in audience 112 when he/she is called by the jury. The appeal itself will be held in auditorium 111, where the jury will gather at 9:00 a.m.


First All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics for students of 5-7 grades

Clarification on the settlement

We reported on this Olympiad in autumn 2017, and organizational moments began in December. Then, assessing the number of participants, we planned to settle somewhere up to 100 participants (children and managers). Usually, we hold all our events in the IPO (team meeting for the International Olympiad, IMO selection, etc.), but their scale is much smaller than the planned Olympiad. Therefore, we were offered to settle in the IPO dormitory and No. 19. Unfortunately, they did not warn that there are different cost of living. Read More