Ukraine team's performance at RMM 2018

Ukraine team's performance at RMM 2018

From February 21 to February 26 in Bucharest (Romania) has already held the 10th, anniversary, international mathematical olympiad "Romanian master of mathematics 2018". The Ukraine national team has received an invitation to participate in this prestigious competition. The concept of the Olympiad is to enable teams showing the best results at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) to compete in solving the most difficult tasks. This year more than a hundred participants took part in the competition, among which 8 represented our country:

Ngog Ngoc Thai Sean, Sarapin Roman, Veprik Mykyta, (Kharkiv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 27), Ilya Koval (Academic Gamnasiya No. 45 m. Kharkiv), Nikolay Arseniy (Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum No. 145), Kondratenko Oleg (Ukrainian Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, Kyiv), Yudin Fedor (Lyceum No. 208, Kyiv). Kyiv), Volodymyr Fedyniak (Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, m. lviv).

The team leaders were Alexander Dashkov and Anastasia Lysakevych. The national team arrived in Bucharest by plane on the evening of February 21. On the first day of the Olympiad, the participants attended an Olympiad conference, where they could actively communicate with Professor Po-Shen Lo, the head of the American team, who told them about interesting aspects of probability theory and more. Meanwhile, the team leaders got acquainted with the conditions, adopted the text of future competitions and translated them into Ukrainian. In the afternoon there was a grand opening

On Februarphoto_2018-02-27_16-28-16 Ukraine team's performance at RMM 2018 y 23 and 24, two rounds of the competition took place. Task conditions can be viewed below. In each round, 3 tasks for 4.5 astronomical hours were proposed.

Conditions of the first day


s of the second day

This year, during our stay in Bucharest, the weather was not very favorable for long walks, so after the first round, to hide from the cold and have an interesting time, we decided to go to the National Art Museum of Romania.

After that, the leaders checked the work of their participants and conducted coordination and adoption of points with the international jury. During the coordination of the first round, it was quite difficult to get any points for partial promotion, since the criteria for tasks were quite strict. Despite this, the team leaders were able to win one point for the number 2 and number 3 tasks for Mykyta Veprik, who then became silver for him. But during the coordination of the second round, we received points that were not initially calculated and for some members of our team these points significantly influenced the result.

Below are the results of our team members:

NgoNgok Thai SeanUKR177777035Gold medal
blacksmithelijahUKR270077021Bronze medal
SarapinenovelUKR377077028Silver Medal
NikolaevArseniusUKR477071022Silver Medal
YudinFedorUKR570073724Silver Medal
VeprikNikitaUKR671176022Silver Medal

It should be noted that this year our team took the prize in the team standings for the first time, and Ngo Ngoc Thai Sean shared the first absolute place in the personal standings.

It should be clarified that the result in the team standings consists of the sum of the three best results among the four participants whom the team leaders chose before the competition. Since our team was formed according to the results of the selections for the IMO, which took place in the fall, we chose exactly those four participants who showed the best result then.

The Romanian Master of Mathematics Olympiad is useful not only as a competition, but also, perhaps even to a greater extent, as training of our best schoolchildren for future Olympiads, the main of which is the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which, by the way, will also be held in Romania, in the city of Cluj-Popoka.

And most importantly. We would like to thank kyivstar company for the financial support of our Olympians, the Presidential Fund L.Etc.Kuchma "Ukraine", the company "Luxoft", as well as other indifferent firms and citizens. It is with this help that our RMM team's participation has become possible and so effective.



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