Selection of Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

Selection of Kyiv team for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Mathematics

Dates and format of selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

The selection consists of 3 rounds, in each of which the participants will solve 4 tasks for 4 hours (the second round of the city Olympiad was held in this format). The result of each participant consists of the sum of three best results from 4 (2nd round of the city Olympiad and 3 rounds of selection). Further, according to their results, either a team will be formed from the city of Kyiv for the IV stage, or an additional 4th round of selection for individual participants will be appointed for the final determination of the team. More information about all this can be read in the principles and rules of selection for the IV stage in Kiev.

3 rounds of kyiv team selection for the IV stage are scheduled for the following dates:

Sunday, February 11, at 9:45 a.m.;
Sunday, February 1
8, at 10:00 a.m.;
Sunday, February
25, at 10:00.

Tours will be held in Kiev-Pechersk Lyceum No 171 "Leader" (ul.Leipzig, 11a), upon completion of the jury – 221.

The appeal of 1-2 rounds of selection will be held (this is preliminary information and changes and clarifications are possible here) on Tuesday, February 20 in Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum No. 171 "Leader" (ul.Leipzig, 11a) at 3 p.m.

The appeal of the 3rd round of selection will be held on Thursday, March 01 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko (Pr.Glushkova, 4d) at 221 at 3 p.m.

Upon completion of the second appeal at the jury meeting on March 1, the selection summary will be summed up. That is, either a fully formed team or an additional 4th round will be appointed for this purpose to determine it finally. If an additional tour is needed, it will be held on Friday, March 2 at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko (Pr.Glushkova, 4d) at 221 at 9:50 a.m.


Participants of selection for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad

1Arseniy NikolaevPNL No 14511
2Fyodor YudinLyceum No 20811
3Georgiy IvanchykLyceum No 171 "Leader"11
4Pea Kateryna YevheniivnaPNL No 14511
5Bondarenko Mykhailo RomanovychLyceum No 171 "Leader"11
6Denys SikorskyLyceum No 171 "Leader"11
7Sergei CheremshinskyLyceum No 171 "Leader"11
8Mikhail BilokurPNL No 14511
9Pavlo GlukhovskyiPNL No 14511
10Georgiy NaumenkoLyceum No 171 "Leader"11
11Tretyakova Kateryna VladyslavivnaLyceum "Scientific Change"11


1Vladislav ShashkovLyceum No 171 "Leader"10
2Dekhtyar Yur-Lyubomysl ValeriiovychLyceum "Scientific Change"10
3Kislenko ElenaLyceum No 20810
4Petrusenko Vlada VitalievnaNovopecherska School10
5Vladimir Belov (football) Lyceum "Intellect"10
6Timofey KushchLyceum No 100 "Podil"10
7Bilyk Olesya OleksandrivnaPNL No 14510
8Mikhail TsysinLyceum No 171 "Leader"10
9Evgeny AzarovLyceum No 20810
10Egor PanchenkoLyceum "Scientific Change"10
11Nechyporuk Karina IhorivnaLyceum No 20810
12Nikita OleksienkoLyceum No 171 "Leader"10
13Maria AndreevaLyceum No 20810
14Nikita SydorenkoPNL No 14510
15Boris NyzhnykPNL No 14510
16Georgy ShramkoPNL No 14510
17Rudenko Anastasiia VyacheslavivnaLyceum No 171 "Leader"10


1Mark HasinRusanivsky Lyceum9
2Andrei AbdulayevLyceum "Scientific Change"9
3Mikhail ShtandenkoLyceum No 171 "Leader"9
4Anton VakhitovLyceum "Scientific Change"9
5Dmitry RudenkoLyceum No 171 "Leader"9
6Yehor Gorodzhagymnasium No 1789
7Hrynyova Anastasiia BorysivnaLyceum No 171 "Leader"9
8Dmitry KolisnykPNL No 1459
9Yuriy BorysenkoSchool No 2029
10Andrei AgarkovPNL No 1459


1Naumets Zakhar IhorovychLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
2Mikhail ManvelyanLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
3Ivan ShevchenkoLyceum No 2088
4Vladimir Didurgymnasium No 1788
5Kolodach Yana HryhorivnaLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
6Andrei KovriginLyceum No 2088
7Prokhor MlyakhtunRusanivsky Lyceum8
8Artur YurchenkoLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
9Danylo VolobuyevLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
10Kumanetska Iryna ViktorivnaPL NTUU "KPI"8
11Margarita BaklanLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
12Marko LuchkaLyceum No 171 "Leader"8
13Volodymyr VylshchakPNL No 1458
14Andrei RomanovPNL No 1458
15Motter Daria ValeriivnaSchool No 2508
16Bryl Kamila SerhiivnaLyceum No 2088
17Alexander MahmudovPNL No 1458
18Ia Chuchkovskagymnasium No 1788
19Alexander ShestopalovRusanivsky Lyceum8
20Artem ZakharenkoPL NTUU "KPI"8
21Yatsenko Maryna OleksiivnaLyceum No 2088
22Novak Sofia Ihorivnagymnasium No 1788
23Kolyakova MargaritaLyceum No 100 "Podil"8
24Prybylo Wadim IhorovychRusanivsky Lyceum8


1Andrey KravetsLyceum No 171 "Leader"7
2Igor NikolaevLyceum "Scientific Change"7
3Semyon AndrietsLyceum No 171 "Leader"7
4Matuzka Daniel BogdanovichLyceum No 171 "Leader"7
5Ivanchuk Roksolana RuslanivnaLyceum "Scientific Change"7
6Vladislav MatviychukLyceum No 171 "Leader"7
7Konstantin ShemchukLyceum No 171 "Leader"7

Here are the results after the 2nd round of the City Olympiad:

Results of selection 2018 – 0 round

About Kyiv rating for the 4th stage:

14 = 9 (rating) + 4 (1 place) + 1 (Internet Olympiad)


Yudin Fedor (9), Peas Catherine (10), Petrusenko Vlada (10)

IMO participant:

Ivanchyk Georgiy (11)

Internet Olympiad:

Michael Tsysin (10)

Since there must be at least 2 participants from each parallel in the team, 2 in 8 class, 1 in 9th grade, 0 in 10th grade and 1 in 11th grade are free from these places. Participants from each parallel apply equally for all additional seats.





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