Results of vi city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results of vi city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results and criteria

Here are the results of the Olympiad (preliminary), criteria for assessing tasks and conditions with solutions. Dear parents, you should talk to children, carefully read the solution of problems and criteria for their assessment. If you really think that your child's work is evaluated incorrectly, that is, not in accordance with the above criteria, then write about it in the comments to this message before December 24, 2017 (after December 24, the consideration of such messages is terminated).It is necessary to indicate the surname and name of the child, class, and tasks that you consider evaluated incorrectly.If you do formally (without careful clarification with the child of its solutions). , then we check the first of them, if it is evaluated correctly, then we do not look further.

Download the results.
Evaluation criteria 4th grade.
Grade 5 evaluation criteria.
Evaluation criteria of the 6th grade.
Conditions and solutions.

The second part of the Olympiad

According to the results of the first (today's) stage of the Olympiad, winners will be determined, that is, students who will be awarded diplomas of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees. In each parallel, their number will be approximately from 60 to 70. For these winners of the 1st stage, the second stage will be held, approximately in mid-March in the format of an oral Olympiad.




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