Changes in the distribution of children by classrooms

Changes in the distribution of children by classrooms

Attention parents and other stakeholders regarding the distribution of children in classrooms.

Once again, I emphasize whether you paid in a timely manner or did not pay at all, passed your payment or did not pass, whether you have a receipt or not – these are all trifles. Bring your children and participate in the event. Even if you did not register it at all for various reasons (forgot, found out late, did not know that there is internet, etc.), the child can still participate in the event. Just find out in which audience your child writes, so as not to make extra hectic and hype on the day of the Olympiad! And it is not necessary to inform me about problems with payment – by phone, mail, Skype, etc. – at all. Somehow all this will be solved.

I did not consider it fundamental to nurse children in small and large classrooms, we needed it for the effective distribution of members of the organizing committee, but for some reason parents decided that this was a division into participants of the first and second grades. It is a shame, but if you perceive this, we will assume that the above distribution loses its validity.

On Friday evening, we will present a final distribution taking into account all transfers. Let me remind you that these contributions are simply a certain guarantee that the child will not stay at home, but will participate in our event, for which we carry out all this. Again, all participants who do not find themselves in the lists will write in lecture audiences. If you think that they will be "noisy", then it is your children who will "make noise" there, and not members of the organizing committee.

I'm just tired of listening to phone calls with questions about where the Olympiad will be, what start, or how to read it , our child will sit in a large audience. I am sorry for these mistakes that we will be able to correct, and in the future, probably, we will no longer be concerned about these Olympiads.


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