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Plans for the beginning of 2018

Previous event dates

Immediately, I would like to note that most dates are only indicative (!!!), by their approval or change, we will immediately report on this site. If there are no notifications about the date change or cancellation/postponement of the event at all, then we focus on the given period of their holding. Read More

Results of vi city olympiad in mathematics for students of 4 – 6 grades

Results and criteria

Here are the results of the Olympiad (preliminary), criteria for assessing tasks and conditions with solutions. Dear parents, you should talk to children, carefully read the solution of problems and criteria for their assessment. If you really think that your child's work is evaluated incorrectly, that is, not in accordance with the above criteria, then write about it in the comments to this message before December 24, 2017 (after December 24, the consideration of such messages is termina Read More