All-Ukrainian matboy tournament. About team behavior during provisioning

All-Ukrainian matboy tournament. About team behavior during provisioning

Teams Leader – 3 (junior league, aud.320), Rusanivsky (junior league, aud.219), Leader – 2 (senior league, aud.319), Leader – 1 (senior league, aud.306), it is worth recalling the difference between the party and the trash. After all, judging by the garbage left by them at the desks of their audiences, they either do not know or do not remember this difference.

Team Leader – 2 (junior league, aud.217) can take with it for tomorrow a b bunk to remove after themselves all that they left on the floor (including papers, trampled chalk, small debris, etc.). After all, except for them, no one will clean this audience.

Team Rusanivsky (middle league) should arrange what they did in the aud.301 in his lyceum, and then ask the director to evaluate their "skill". "Creativity" to do something with the audience and imitate them, but to remove after yourself is not a royal thing.

Well, it is worth noting the success of the Scientific Change team (average league, aud .323). Boxes of biscuits, fantasies and other trash are kindly left on the desks, small pieces of paper gently cover the surface of the office and wait for cleaning, the children with chalk on the teacher's table are aged in the best style "I care for everything", and each desk is additionally decorated with chalk (probably that those "non-old" children who have not yet reached the mentioned team and come here after them, gained experience and rules of "exemplary" behavior and new words).

And finally, if there are children in the world who correctly relate to the wishes of teachers, then the Leaders' teams – 1 (junior league, aud.216), Lyceum 208 (middle league, aud.214), PDL 145-2 (junior league, aud.208) and all teams of Kharkiv, which have no complaints, definitely get to this set.


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