Results of selection for the IMO

Results of selection for the IMO


Formal results are given in the attached file, although most have already seen them in previous messages. Here are selected groups IMO (12 students) and Junior (21 students).



111Ngo Ngok Thai Sean
211Ilya Koval
311Roman Sarapin
411Arseniy Nikolaev
59Fyodor Yudin
611Georgiy Ivanchyk
711Alina Garbuzova
811Nikita Veprik
911Oleg Kondratenko
1010Volodymyr Fedyniak
119Aleksey Masalitin
1210Alexander Voytovych


110Pea Kateryna Yevheniivna
210Rudenko Anastasiia Vyacheslavivna
310Nechyporuk Karina Ihorivna
410Denys Slobodyanyuk
59Mikhail Shtandenko
610Maksym Protsyk
710Koval Vadym Olehovych
89Yuriy Gladkov
99Ilya Lazurenko
1010Mikhail Tsysin
119Hasin Mark
1210Mikhail Kupriyanov
1310Konstantin Lutsenko
149Yaroslav Romanus
1510Timofey Kushch
168Zolotariov Klimenty Dmitrievich
1710Boris Nyzhnyk
1810Petrusenko Vlada Vitalievna
1910Andrei Obertas
2010Aleksey Rozhkov
218Naumets Zakhar Ihorovych

Next, the planned annual training with selected groups will be carried out. The 4 best from the IMO group will go to The Romanian Masters, and also everyone from this group can join them, who will pay the official organizing fee to participate if there are more than 4 participants in the team. 4 best participating girls won to represent Ukraine at the EGMO. A team will be selected from the reserve to participate in the Belarusian Mathematical Olympiad, if everything is agreed on the terms of the previous year. This team will consist of 2 students of 10th grade, 2nd grade 9th grade and 2nd out of 8th grade.



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