Questions to the teacher meeting

Questions to the teacher meeting

The meeting will take place at 12.00 on October 8 before the start of the mathematical battle.


Dates of the following events

This question will be very important, so I ask, if you have time, of course, to review the schedule of district Olympiads in Kiev, as well as my proposals for further events.

October 22 – October 28 Selection for the IMO (date approved)

October 28 – November 4, 11th All-Ukrainian Tournament of Mathematical Battles

November 11 and 12 Thematic Olympiads in Algebra and Geometry

November 18 (Saturday!!!)2nd fight of The Kiev Tournament of Mathematical Battles

December 10 3rd fight of the Kiev tournament of mathematical battles

December 17 Kyiv City Olympiad for 4 – 6 classes

Schedule of regional olympiads

About observers

I ask you to take a closer look at inviting observers to mathematical fighting. They must be honest (do not reveal the secrets of preparing the enemy team), polite (be able to find a common language with the team for which they are responsible), indifferent (they must control the rules of fair play, that is, the use of office equipment, third-party assistance, etc.) and attentive (so that they know what audience they should go to and what to do there). The fact is that there were several significant complaints about the work of some observers, in particular in some classrooms children played (and therefore used) smartphones, and some children fired pistols with some paint, which is why the organizers had certain problems with cleaners.



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