Thematic olympiads in number theory and combinatorics

Thematic olympiads in number theory and combinatorics

Information for participants,
o did not have time to register in a timely manner

Both Olympiads will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics in the audience of 39 from 10.00 to 14.00.I did not think that the offer to individual winners of the 4th stage or candidates to participate in the 4th All-Ukrainian Olympiad to come to the Olympiad, despite the fact that they did not have time to register, will turn into such a farce. Therefore, all participants who expressed their desire to participate in the events after 21:00 on Wednesday, October 27, 2017, must pay an office in the amount of 200 UAH. I give a list of these "wishers":

Volobuev Danylo (Leader, Grade 9)
Petrusenko Vlada (Novopecherska school, grade 10)
Valeriy Filinyuk (Leader, Grade 10)
Shmonko Vladyslava (Lyceum 208, Grade 10)
Arsen Doynychuk (Leader, Grade 9)
Daniel Stoyanovsky (Leader, Grade 10)
Cheremshinsky Sergey (Leader, unknown class)
The same goes for all new



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