Schedule of fights 1 round

Schedule of fights 1 round

XIV Kyiv Tournament
hematical battles named after Lesya Rublev
Agenda 1st round
Jury br
igades of the upcoming tournament (project)

Organizational aspects

In the main tournament of mathematical battles in each league will compete 12 teams, divided into 3 groups "A", "B" and "B" 4 teams in each. Each team will be assigned an audience for all 3 rounds, the fighting will also take place in the same audiences in each league.

Audience distribution and battle schedule 1

Youngest League


to prepare


to prepare.



AndLeader – 1 302MLeader – 2 45M302M
AndScientific Change – 1 303MGymnasium 178304M303M
WouldLyceum No 208305MSchool national team308M305M
WouldRusanivskyi – 1 306MScientific Change – 241M306M
InLeader – 3 309MRusanivskyi – 242M309M
InSchool No 52307MGL + School No 20240M307M

Junior League


to prepare


to prepare.



AndPNL 145 – 2 202MLeader – 2 205M202M
AndLyceum No 208203MLeader – 1 20M203M
WouldRusanivskyi – 1 206MGymnasium 178 – 2 209M206M
WouldLeader – 3 207MUFML21M207M
InGymnasium 178 – 1210MScientific Change – 2208M210M
InPNL 145 – 1204MDivision34M204M

Middle League


to prepare


to prepare.



AndLeader – 1 302KRusanivsky305K302K
AndScientific Change303KUFML – 1 304K303K
WouldSchool No 202308KLyceum No 20816K308K
WouldLeader – 2309KUFML – 215K309K
InGymnasium 178306Ktechnical17K306K
InPNL 145 – 2310KPNL 145 – 118K310K

Major League Baseball


to prepare


to prepare.



AndPNL 145 – 1311KUFML – 240K311K
AndLeader – 1312KLeader – 342K312K
WouldRusanivsky12KPNL 145 – 28K12K
WouldLeader – 213KScientific Change9K13K
InGymnasium 178 – 2 14KPNL 145 – 310K14K
Intechnical33KSchool No 2021K33K

Agenda of the first battle

900 Senior League Jury Arrivals

920 Arrival of senior league team captains to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

930 Start preparing for the battle of senior league teams

930 Arrival of the jury of all leagues to familiarize with the texts of the battle, aud. 39 FC

950 Arrival of captains of junior and middle league teams and their observers to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

1000 Start of preparation for the battle of the teams of the junior and middle leagues

1020 Arrival of the captains of the youngest league teams and their observers to the meeting, aud. 43 FC

1030 Start of preparations for the battle of the teams of the youngest league

1215 Team Leaders Meeting to Address Organizing Questions, aud. 221 FC

1300 Completion of preparation and start of battles in all leagues

Jury brigades of the tournament

Here we present the PRELIMINARY composition of the jury of the upcoming tournament. It was formed by the composition of the jury that participated in the oral team olympiad. At the same time, not even everyone who was the opinion, we had time to hear. Therefore, please respond properly to this list.

Who suits everything, we are just waiting for you at the first fight on October 8.

Everyone else may not be satisfied with certain things, for example, such – there is a desire to move to another brigade with other colleagues; there is a desire to change the league; you are not on this list at all and there is a desire to get involved; etc. Then you have to transfer your wishes to the jury coordinator Tikhonravova Yulia within a week to October 1. We will respond accordingly and try to take into account the wishes to the maximum. Finally, the composition of the brigades will be formed in the morning of October 8, as different situations and circumstances in the life of each of us are possible. It is clear that everyone will not be able to be at all battles, so adjustments will take place in the morning before each fight.

№ 1Anti-mutual Alice

Maria Kavaka

Vlad Myachkov

Opryshko Iraida

Dmytro Katrychuk

Ovcharenko Ira

Ermylov Sasha,

Kuzminova Kateryna

Trigub Anton

Afanasiev Danil

№ 2Masterenko Sasha

Hunko Sasha

Koshel Nastya

Andriy Mykytas

Matthew Strechen, Sandacyan PolinaZdanovska Yuliia

Jan Alina

№ 3Babych Vika

Roszko Rostyslav

Bortnik Anya

Maria Banderas

Sasha Zhivolovych

Dmitry Timokhanov

Zavad Serhii

Andreychuk Nastya

Tomas Stas

№ 4Ishchuk Dasha

Bysheva Nastya

Franchuk Ivan

Derenyuk Hanna

Kravets Anna

Andrey Ulazovski

Kateryna Melnyk

Ivan Yakovlev

Yehor Yarmola

№ 5Abramova Liliya

Kasian Nastya

Anya Chatter


Ilya Zaichuk

Vitaliy Dmytrenko

Kyrylo Schaetinin, Dmytro KrukovetsVadim Mitrofanov

Anton Ziev

№ 6Taras Burkalo

Stetsenko Nastya

Litvinenko Denys

Tikhonravova Yuliia

Anna Targanchuk

Pushkin Denys

Dmitry Kunzio

Anna Nazarkevich

Kucherenko Nastya



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