Memo to the Observer

Memo to the Observer

(at mathematical events – battles, olympiads, etc.)

The observer arrives with the captain of his team for a meeting before the event. He needs to know what audience he needs to be in during that part of the event when the team solves problems. If this is a team olympiad, then the observer's audience is indicated directly in the "distribution of audiences". If this is a mathematical battle in which the teams "A" and "B" will compete among themselves, then the observer from the team "A" should be present in the audience of the preparation of the team "B" and vice versa.

During his stay in the audience, the observer should monitor the observance of the following principles and principles by his subordinate team:

  • The audience should have a calm and working atmosphere, team members should not spoil the property of the university – desks, windows, boards, etc. If, upon completion of training, desks are broken in the audience, windows are knocked out, then the observer and the team will be responsible for this on an equal basis.
  • The team should not wander the corridors, but prepare for the battle (Olympiad) in its audience, you can go to the toilet at the same time no more than 1-2 team members.
  • If the subordinate team does not respond to the observer's comments, he should warn the jury about it.
  • Participants have no right to use any office equipment. In case of violation of this rule, the team will be punished in a certain way even to a possible complete disqualification, in case of daring to ignore comments from the observer and the jury.
  • At the end of the time allotted for preparation, the observer has no right to tell any third party about the progress of solving the tasks of his subordinate team.

Thus, such an observer who regularly participates in our events is ideal. If the observer takes part in the event for the first time, he is obliged to familiarize himself with this memora heed, to adhere to the above rules. In case of certain misunderstandings, immediately contact the jury for clarifications. The observer has no right to solve problems and in general, before the battle (or until the end of the Olympiad) to keep the materials in his hands. It should follow the order in the audience and follow the above rules. If everything is calm in the audience, then you can do your own business.

All interested participants of our events, tell us that in this memo it is necessary to add, correct, delete, etc., so that on October 8, at the first battle, all observers will receive a meaningful memo.


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