Results of the oral team olympiad of the XIV Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Results of the oral team olympiad of the XIV Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Results of oral team olympiad

We present the results of the oral team olympiad, which took place on September 24, 2017 within the framework of the XIV Kyiv Tournament of Mathematical Battles.


Here are the final results with the division of teams into groups for the further tournament of mathematical battles. By agreement in each league there will be 12 such teams, which will be divided according to the results of this Olympiad into 3 groups of 4 teams. Some teams have teamed up. Full results for each task can be found at the following link. Similarly, here are the conditions and solutions of all problems.

Terms and Solutions

Наймолодша ліга (7 класи)

Youngest LeagueTeamAmountspotMB Group
Lyceum Leader-1Shemchuk551And
Lyceum Scientific Change-1Infinity522And
Lyceum Leader-2Lomonosov483And
Gymnasium No178Klymchuk444–5 And
Lyceum No 208208-6444–5Would
Rusanivsky Lyceum-1RL 7-1426–9Would
School national teamOwl426–9Would
Lyceum Scientific Change-2Phoenix426–9Would
Lyceum Leader-3Tereshchenko426–9In
School No 52buckwheat3810In
Rusanivsky Lyceum-2RL 7-23411In
Holosiivskyi LyceumGolovan3212In (zb)
School No 202Fly2313In (zb)

Молодша ліга (8 класи)

Junior LeagueTeamAmountspotMB Group
PNL No145-2Fork (2010)481And
Lyceum No 208208472And
Lyceum Leader-2Tsymbal413And
Lyceum Leader-1Naumets404And
Rusanivsky Lyceum-1RL 8-1395Would
Lyceum Leader-3Sivachenko386Would
Gymnasium No178-2banana347Would
Gymnasium No178-1Dream259In
PNL No145-1Guseyev2410In
Lyceum Scientific Change-2Piece2311In
Podol LyceumDivision2212In
Technical Lyceum-2Dvorak1713
Rusanivsky Lyceum-2RL 8-21614
School No 52Terabytics1415
Lyceum Scientific Change-1Goldsteins1316
Technical Lyceum-1Lutai1017
School No 202Kantimir918
Holosiivskyi LyceumBraslavsky119

Середня ліга (9 класи)

Middle LeagueTeamAmountspotMB Group
Lyceum Leader-1Leader-1541And
Lyceum Scientific ChangeOysters492And
Rusanivsky LyceumPoseidno463And
School No 202hummingbird355–6 Would
Lyceum Leader-2Leader 2355–6Would
Lyceum No 208208337Would
Gymnasium No178Dergunov309In
PNL No145-2Thin-skink2910In
PNL No145-1Zabaryanskaya2311–12In
Technical LyceumPolishchuk2311–12In
Lyceum Leader-3Mokliak413


Major League BaseballTeamAmountspotMB Group
PNL No145-1Glukhovsky531And
Lyceum Leader-19x^2492And
UFML-2Tichkovsky393A (zb)
Lyceum Leader-3Skvortsova344And
Rusanivsky LyceumRL305Would
Lyceum Leader-2Forever246Would
PNL No145-2Shcherbak237Would
Lyceum Scientific ChangeDekhtyar228Would
Gymnasium No178-2Shuharin159In (zb)
UFML-1Buckeye1410–12 A (zb)
Technical LyceumCat1410–12In
PNL No145-3Whistling1410–12In
School No 202Understanders813In
Gymnasium No178-1Koshevoy714In (zb)

Soon expect photos from the team olympiad, as well as information about the first round of mathematical battles, which will take place on Sunday October 8, 2017.



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