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Oral Team Olympiad September 24, 2017. Answers to questions

It is very unexpected that such a number of questions, clarifications and even misunderstandings arose on this Olympiad, which has been held on the usual basis for a lot of years… It is reminiscent of an anecdote when Mozart's classmate at a chance meeting with him 10 years after graduation for an hour told Mozart about himself, and finally asks: "What are you doing?"

Rules of oral team olympiad

Here is a link to the rules of the Olympiad:

Perhaps not all the nuances are reflected here. For example, it is mandatory to participate in an event of 1 observer from each team of all leagues except the senior one. Please do not neglect this language, because we will try to comply with the rules, rules and principles of events as much as possible. Thus, during the Zanzibar, two teams had to clean up the seventh participant. In this Olympiad there should be from 5 to 12 students in the team. Therefore, if there are more than 12 participants in the team, then we will send all the extras home. If there are fewer than 5 students in the team, they will not receive the conditions until the missing participants approach them. Exceptions are possible due to certain force majeure circumstances, but it is necessary to warn the jury and organizers in advance. Similarly, in the absence of an observer, the team will not receive the condition until its arrival.


Distribution by leagues at the oral team olympiad

Oral team olympiad is held as well as the entire XIV Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev in 4 leagues – The youngest (not older than 7th grade), Junior (for students of 8th grade), Secondary (for students of 9th grade), Senior (for students of 10-11 grades). The possible participation of teams for senior leagues compared to the class of study, for example, teams in the senior league can consist entirely or partially of 9th grade students, but experience shows that it is not very appropriate to do so. But there is no prohibition to act like this. The same goes for the participation of grade 6 students in the competition of the youngest league. Tasks are prepared on the basis of the mathematics program for grade 7.

Upon completion of the oral team olympiad, a division into groups in each league will be held at a meeting of teachers and team leaders. By prior arrangement, each league will have 3 groups of 4 teams. In case of nuances, certain clarifications are possible, for this purpose a meeting is held.


Conditions of participation in the oral team olympiad

For participation in the oral team olympiad, an organizing page from each team is provided. Its size will always be determined at the teachers' meeting, so I ask representatives of all teams to be at this meeting, even if you do not plan to participate in the main part of the mathematical fights tournament in the future. It was very unfortunate that in Zanzibar, the extra participants were from those teams whose leaders ignored our meeting-meeting.

All other points depend on the number of teams participating in the event. Upon completion of registration, the agenda and distribution by team audiences and their observers will be again given.


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