Oral Team Olympiad September 24, 2017. Registration and information for the jury

Oral Team Olympiad September 24, 2017. Registration and information for the jury

Registration for the Oral Team Olympiad

Oral team olympiad is a team competition. Each team must have 5 to 12 students. The rules of its conduct can be found on the site. According to its results, leagues and groups of the tournament of mathematical battles will be finally formed. Each team on math battles will also contain from 5 to 12 students, so this Olympiad should check future teams for match playback and compatibility.

Registration takes place on this website and will last until 21:00 on Wednesday, September 20. After that, the distribution of teams and observers by audience will be given.

To register each team correctly and correctly, fill in the following fields:

  • Educational institution
  • League
  • Team captain or team name
  • Contact person responsible for the team (math teacher, club leader, team organizer, etc.)
  • Contact phone number (won't show on site)

I remind you that in every team of all leagues except the older one there should be an adult – an observer. The team's observer will sit in the auditorium, where one of his team's opponents will work and monitor the observance of order during the oral team olympiad and compliance with fair play rules.

Information for the jury

I ask all jury members to arrive at the meeting on September 24 at 9.15 in the audience of the 39th Faculty of Cybernetics. Please do not be late, because already at 10.00 the oral team olympiad will begin, where our updated jury will pass its first test.



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