"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 10, 2017. Results

"Mathematical Zanzibar", September 10, 2017. Results

We will consider summer math schools as transitional measures from the previous year to the next. Therefore, today the first event of 2017 – 18 academic year has ended. Zanzibar was actively held in Zaporizhia, Kremenchuk and Chernivtsi. The team of the 8th class "Richelieu Lyceum" arrived in Kyiv, which gave the statute of openness to our entire tournament. I hope that our guests from the south enjoyed participating in our events and they will do everything in their power to take a direct part in other stages of the Kyiv tournament (oral team olympiad and 3 rounds of mathematical fighting).

We apologize to some of the participants who were asked to stop participating in today's Zanzibar because they were seventh in their teams. This was prohibited by the rules. Of course, the leaders of these teams did not arrive with the children and made them hostage to their inattenence or indifference. Fulfillment of the conditions of conduct is not a trifle, but a rule, that is, a law that cannot be violated. This also applies to further measures.


Conditions and solutions

We present the conditions and solutions of zanzibar problems. We apologize to all participants for certain inaccuracies in the conditions of tasks. On those tasks where it was possible to double-interpretation of the condition and the participants were not informed about it in a timely manner, the jury decided to count the correct answers for each interpretation.

Conditions and solutions for all leagues

The next event of the XIV Kyiv tournament of mathematical battles named after Lesya Rublev

Exactly in 2 weeks, on September 24, 2017, an oral team olympiad will be held. It is a prelude to the subsequent tournament of mathematical battles. Therefore, each team should have from 5 to 12 participants. Please adhere to this norm so as not to put in an awkward position both the teams that violate this requirement and the organizers who will have to respond to this.

Soon we will present all the rules for conducting an oral team olympiad, mandatory participation of observers from teams of all leagues, except for the senior one, as well as registration for this event. There will also be important information for the jury, so I ask everyone to be attentive.



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