Archive 30.09.2017

Thematic olympiads in number theory and combinatorics

Information for participants,
o did not have time to register in a timely manner

Both Olympiads will be held at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics in the audience of 39 from 10.00 to 14.00.I did not think that the offer to individual winners of the 4th stage or candidates to participate in the 4th All-Ukrainian Olympiad to come to the Olympiad, despite the fact that they did not have time to register, will turn into such a farce. Read More

Mathematical zanzibar for 4 – 6 classes

October 1, 2017

All our events take place at mathematical faculties
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

at Glushkov Ave. 4 d and 4 e

I remind you of the preliminary agreement at the meeting of teachers, which are the organizing committee of all our Kyiv events. When participating in one parallel from one educational institution, more than 2 teams, for each team, starting from the third, an office in the amount of 150 UAH is paid Read More

Memo to the Observer

(at mathematical events – battles, olympiads, etc.)

The observer arrives with the captain of his team for a meeting before the event. He needs to know what audience he needs to be in during that part of the event when the team solves problems. Read More