About All-Ukrainian Olympiad for 5 – 7 classes

About All-Ukrainian Olympiad for 5 – 7 classes


In general, the idea of holding such an event arose from the trend of representation of regions in the team of Ukraine at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Mass representation of Kyiv and Kharkiv with liquid participants from other regions can not please.Talented children are born evenly throughout our country, but only in these two regions systemic training of young mathematicians to participate in the IMO is carried out. Of course, this trend must somehow be changed. It is necessary to make an attempt to identify talents throughout Ukraine already in junior classes. Next, it is necessary for these young stars to already look for teachers for many years of work with them.

Everything described later is only a project. It is possible that it will not be implemented at all, which will be very, very sorry. But we will try to implement it, and therefore we expect your tips and wishes on how to do it in the best possible way. Therefore, everything described below is only the first vision of the implementation of this project.


Structure of olympiad

At the final part of the competition, which will be held under the auspices of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, it is planned to gather exactly one participant from each region from 5, from 6 and from 7 classes. Thus, one adult should come to Kyiv from each region, which should accompany three children. That is, the total number of participants of the event is about 100 people. The final part is planned for April – May 2018.

The situation with the definition of these single participants from the regions looks more complicated. Of course, we will not be able and have no desire to manage each region. Our main hope is that in each region there will be enthusiasts who are not indifferent to our common cause – in particular, jury members and heads of regional teams at the IV stage of the Olympiad in mathematics – who will not turn this process into a formality. It is necessary to hold an honest, transparent and more or less mass event in each region to determine the best for each class. The ideal time for this is spring break, which is why we postpone the final stage for the period after these holidays.


Conditions of the Olympiad

The Olympiad will be held on the basis of self-financing. That is, participants and their parents, teachers, should find financial support for participation in their region. You will have to pay for accommodation and food in Kiev, from the leadership of KNU them. Taras Shevchenko, we guarantee that the conditions will be good, and payment is minimally possible.

In each parallel it is planned to determine up to 10 best participants – winners of the Olympiad. Upon completion of the event, a group will be formed from the winners, with which systemic training by the appointed curator will be carried out during the year. In addition, it is possible to reimburse all expenses for participation in the Olympiad and participation in the summer mathematical camp. But the latter things will depend on financial stability during the Olympiad.

Glory to Ukraine!


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