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Final lists of participants of the UFML Summer Mathematical School

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

LSH members

No more members will be added to the members

We hope that all LSH participants, their parents, responsible persons who paid the prepayment, found themselves on the lists. Experience shows that 5 – 10 of you will not find yourself and in August they will be very surprised that they are not on the lists, but that is it. Attentiveness and respect for the organizers should be at the proper level. So here's the final list here:


Additional LSE members

Since the total number of LSH participants is quite moderate compared to last year and given several requests from parents that they did not see or did not have time again, we allow the organizers of the LSH to report it by July 7. In case of a positive solution to the issue, your child may be involved in this year's LSH. If there is a refusal, for example, too many additional appeals in general or in a certain parallel, then please do not be offended by the refusal. After 14:00 on July 7, we will not add any additional participants.

Glory to Ukraine!

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