About the new site and thematic Olympiads

About the new site and thematic Olympiads

About the new site of mathematical olympiads

According to a large number of active participants in the mathematical Olympiad movement, the old version the site is outdated and has ceased to properly meet the needs. Therefore, we appealed to the students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the KNU. Taras Shevchenko with a request to update it. We express our sincere gratitude to Sviatoslav Svetlychny, Mykola Hrynko, Oleksiy Lyalushko and others involved in this work.

I ask you now to actively express your wishes, comments, regarding the functioning of the site, offer help on its content.

The new edition of the site made a slightly different menu, according to my wish, it contains a section "BLOG", where I would like to be able to discuss important and interesting events, events, plans, questions, etc.

About thematic Olympiads

For the second year in a row, we do not have time to hold all 4 thematic olympiads in mathematics in terms of classification of topics according to the approach of the IMO jury (International Mathematical Olympiads) – algebra, combinatoric, geometry and number theory. Therefore, I wanted to discuss issues related to their conduct.

  1. Curiosity of thematic olympiads

As for me, they are very interesting, where everyone can try to compete with peers in a favorite or, conversely, not favorite topic.

  1. Term of olympiads

In the second semester it will be very difficult to find a good niche for these Olympiads, since the All-Ukrainian Olympiads of the 3rd stage in all subjects and selections for the IV stage are in full swing. Therefore, it is advisable to spend all 4 in the first semester.

  1. The level of complexity of olympiads

In the first semester, there are quite a lot of events focused on mass participation: these are competitions such as "Mathematical Zanzibar", school and district olympiads. Therefore, it is at this time that it is desirable to hold training events that focus on future winners of the third stage and candidates for the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad.

  1. Format of olympiads

From the experience of previous years, when these Olympiads were held in different formats, I propose to hold them this year in the format – 2 Olympiads in one weekend. That is, on Saturday one of the Olympiads is held, on Sunday the other. After a certain time – another weekend. Finding 4 Sundays is simply impossible, as the experience of previous years has shown. To conduct them 2 in one day is an obvious decrease in the level of tasks.

Tasks are offered in the format of the IV stage of all-Ukrainian Olympiads – 4 tasks for 4 hours.

Olympiads are held simultaneously according to the same texts simultaneously in all regions that want to join their conduct. Upon completion of the Olympiad, common criteria for assessing tasks are set. Verification is done in each region separately.

  1. Summing up the Olympiads

It is not so difficult to find prizes or other incentives for the winners of these Olympiads as to develop a good approach to assessing all 4 Olympiads together. Here I do not yet have an exact opinion. In addition, in the spring to invite 10-20 winners to the final Olympiad, the format of which can be strange – from a standard Olympiad of 4 tasks, to 16 tasks on all topics, but each participant is evaluated only the tasks of one topic.

Now I ask all indifferent participants of our mathematical movement to speak on all these points in the sense of discussion, and even to add new questions if they are daily and important for these Olympiads.

I hope that you will respond and share your thoughts on this.

Sincerely for everyone, Bogdan Rublev!

Glory to Ukraine!


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