Lists of participants of the UFML Summer Mathematical School with prepayment received

Lists of participants of the UFML Summer Mathematical School with prepayment received

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

About additional LSH participants

As we can see, on the evening of June 21, registered participants do not actively pay prepayment, which, I recall, will end on June 25. After that, we stop accepting your contributions, and the children cease to be candidates for participation in the LS. Therefore, we asked a few children to add them. Therefore, we make a decision to make these children participants in LSH. You can also pay 1000 UAH prepayment. Since the deadline is small, try to do it as before, at least until June 30.Here is a list of potential additional participants (not the fact that one of these children has already changed their minds about doing so, but it is your right):

  1. Kolotynskaya Sofiya Vyktorovna (Kherson) grade 5 (based on Kyiv);
  2. Volodymyr Valko, (Kherson) grade 5 (based on Kyiv);
  3. Andriy Sinelnyk (Kyiv) Grade 5
  4. Krupa Elizaveta Sergeina (UFML) Grade 9
  5. Kateryna Khomenko (Kherson)
  6. 2011–12 UKRAINIAN Cup
  7. Maria Khyzhnyak (Kremenchuk)
  8. 2011–12 Ukrainian Cup
  9. Leganina Anastasiia (Kyiv)

On this, we stop registering additional participants as well as the main ones.

Lists of potential LSH members

Unknown payments:

  1. 14.06 the #Р24А242649168А1786 came 13:49
  2. 17.06 came 19:18 Zaporozhye
  3. 18.06 came at 10:33 number #Р24А244734487А20881 Kiev.

Prokhorenko Alexey did not correctly indicate the purpose of the payment. Your money cannot be accepted into the fund's accounts. In order for your child to participate in the LSE you must pay correctly. In order to recover incorrectly paid funds, you must contact the fund's accountant, provide him/her with your details for a refund.

Funds came from Davydenko Georgiy with the purpose of payment of the participant LSH 1000 – we cannot credit to the accounts, since the charity is not specified

Here is a list of participants, in which the yellow color of those from whom we received the deposited 1000 UAH as a prepayment is highlighted. These lists will be updated periodically so you can follow or reach your money. If you are not marked in yellow for a long time, this is a reason to write to us and find out what happened to your transfer.

Glory to Ukraine!


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