Additional information about UFML Summer Mathematical School

Additional information about UFML Summer Mathematical School

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

Information for lecturers of UFML summer school

As the experience of appeals to the jury during olympiads and tournaments shows, if this information is not placed first, then they do not read it… So I write from the mountain itself, so that none of the potential lecturers of LSH have reason to say, "I have not seen this…", "And where is it written there…", etc.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 7 at 14:00 in audience 221. I ask everyone to come to this meeting, or to have their representative there. There we will divide the lecturers by parallels, appoint the elders, develop a work plan. This will allow to prepare well for future lecturers in order to avoid certain shortcomings during the LSH of previous years.

Registration nuances for participants and their parents

About 200 children applied to participate in the summer mathematical school of UFML (LSH), of which about 110 are not from Kyiv, that is, they need a dormitory. But here we took into account Brovary as Kyiv, and vice versa, perhaps someone from non-Kiev wants to live with relatives in Kiev and therefore does not need to settle in a dormitory. During this week, we will expose everyone who is admitted to the LSE. You must properly pay the prepayment, as well as bring to us information about your needs or vice versa, do not need a dormitory of the UFML. To do this more calmly, we ask you to respond to those for whom everything is not obvious. That is, kyiv residents and close district centers we automatically enroll those who do not need a dormitory. For all other places – those in need. If you have a contradiction in such a correspondence, then report it necessarily.

Expect lists of potential LSE participants very soon, as soon as we agree on quantitative characteristics with the leadership of the UFML.

Information for educators

So far, we have the following list of potential educators:

Full name of the teachertownClasses
1.Bynkovskaya Alla MikhailovnaKrivoy Rog6, 7, 10-11
2.Hansira Hanna OleksandrivnaSlavyansk8, 10-11
3.Gushchyna Marina ValentynivnaKrivoy Rog7
4.Dolga Olga DmytrivnaKramatorsk9
5.Iovko VitaliyKiev6
6.Krasnopolska Svetlana PavlivnaZaporozhye9
7.Levina Yuliia IhorivnaZaporozhye7, 8, 9
8.Lozina Yuliia ViacheslavivnaBrovary8
9.Mylostyan Yuliia HryhorivnaBrovary8
10.Nazarenko TatyanaZaporozhye6
11.Elena AnatoliivnaKiev9
12.Petrenko-Litvinova Nataliia VolodymyrivnaKiev6
13.Iryna PosokhovaKiev5
14.Kateryna TymchukKiev6
15.Svitlana KhovrakKremenchuk6, 8
16.Tatyana YazunPoltava10-11

There are several nuances here. I am pleased that the number of educators is still quite sufficient for the normal functioning of LSH, it is also pitying that at least half of this list will participate in the work of the LSE for the first time.

As for other candidates, some clarification must be made. The main work of the teacher occurs when there are short or long pauses between classes – in the morning before breakfast, at lunch, in the evening after classes. Similarly, at night, that is, the work of the educator is practically round the clock, that is, they should also live in a dormitory. As you can see in our list there are several educators from Kiev and Brovary. They must confirm their consent to live on an equal basis in the dormitory together with all other educators or withdraw their candidacy. It is advisable to do this quickly enough. Last year, we had exactly one educator from Kyiv (he is still on the list), which is exactly what he did – that is, he spent the entire period in the UFML with children.

Also here are indicated on which classes potential educators have students. As last year, certain nuances are possible in that not everyone will be able to work in the group where your students. Therefore, please be prepared for such inconveniences.

Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin
Bohdan Rublev

Glory to Ukraine!


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