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Final lists of participants of the UFML Summer Mathematical School

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

LSH members

No more members will be added to the members

We hope that all LSH participants, their parents, responsible persons who paid the prepayment, found themselves on the lists. Experience shows that 5 – 10 of you will not find yourself and in August they will be very surprised that they are not on the lists, but that is it. Read More

Trip to IMO-2017

According to the regulations of the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad), the leaders of the countries arrive 3-4 days before the official opening to participate in the jury. Participants must arrive on the eve of the opening. But if the IMO is held far from Europe, then most teams from Europe arrive in the country of the Olympiad in the same way in 3-4 days in order to have time to acclimatize – to the time zone, to the temperature and time of year, to food, water, etc. Wherever there is a desire to help their participants perform as best they can. Powerful countries from other continents do the same.

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Our plans for the 2017 – 2018 academic year

For the second year in a row, we are unveiling a plan of our events for the next academic year in advance. Those events that are listed in bold have approved dates. The change of these terms, of course, can be influenced by force majeure circumstances, but I would not really like it. Other measures have targeted dates that are close to the same this year.

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About the new site and thematic Olympiads

About the new site of mathematical olympiads

According to a large number of active participants in the mathematical Olympiad movement, the old version the site is outdated and has ceased to properly meet the needs. Therefore, we appealed to the students of the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics of the KNU. Taras Shevchenko with a request to update it. We express our sincere gratitude to Sviatoslav Svetlychny, Mykola Hrynko, Oleksiy Lyalushko and others involved in this work.

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Termination of payment in LSH on the basis of UFML

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

I ask from tomorrow not to pay contributions to the LSH, because we and you will form an unnecessary trouble in the sense that you will have to return it. Soon we will work out the lists of participants and put them here on the site. If your child is not on the list, then you should only now show documents confirming timely payment. Honestly, I received too much confirmation in the mail these days, although in most cases you were all right, except that it takes some time to transfer money. But that's it.

Final Lists

Glory to Ukraine!

Lists of participants of the UFML Summer Mathematical School with prepayment received

August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017

About additional LSH participants

As we can see, on the evening of June 21, registered participants do not actively pay prepayment, which, I recall, will end on June 25. After that, we stop accepting your contributions, and the children cease to be candidates for participation in the LS. Therefore, we asked a few children to add them. Therefore, we make a decision to make these children participants in LSH. You can also pay 1000 UAH prepayment. Since the deadline is small, try to do it as before, at least until June 30.H Read More