About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical Schools

About All-Ukrainian Summer Mathematical Schools

This year we will again have two summer mathematical schools, one of which is focused on the winners of the IV stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad, and the other – for everyone. Information about the summer school for prize-winners is expected in the near future on our website. Already now we can say that it will be held in a picturesque camp near Kyiv, it will be free for participants, its term will be from July 23 to August 5, 2017. But the number of seats for participants is limited to 40, so upon completion of registration, it will be decided who to invite to the school if there are more than 40 applications. More

Summer school based on UFML
Kyiv National University
after Taras Shevchenko
August 15 (Tuesday) – August 28 (Monday) 2017
izational moments of summer school (LMSH)

As always, the LMSH will be held for students who will study in grades 5-11 in the 2017-18 academic year. In order to get to us in the summer school, you have to fill out a the appropriate application on the website. Each application will be processed and the relevant ruling will be adopted.

The number of groups for each parallel will depend on the number of applications submitted, on the number of places to be provided by the UFML management in the dormitory. Then we will be able to estimate the number of Kyivans and non-Residents among the participants of the LMSH. Accordingly, groups of 15 – 25 students will be formed. In the parallels of high school, it is possible to combine students from different classes.

The cost of participation in the summer school will be:

for students not from Kyiv 3000 UAH for the entire period, which will include accommodation, three meals a day in the UFML, classes and leisure;

for students from Kyiv 2000 UAH for the entire period, which will include breakfasts and lunches in the UFML, classes and leisure.

Just as important is the help of parents and teachers during the summer school. If applications from a certain school not from Kyiv will be submitted from 10 or more children, there should be (necessarily!!!) 1 teacher for every 10 applications accepted from this school. In the absence of such applicants for the role of educators, the number of accepted applications from certain educational institutions may be revised. If the number of educators becomes greater than the desired number, we will find a way out of such a situation much easier than in the case of a smaller number of educators for the normal operation of each group.

The main terms of the summer school

May 5-31, 2017 – application for participation in the summer school. To do this, fill out the appropriate form on the site.

June 1-9, 2017 – the organizing committee of the summer school will list those who are allowed to participate in the summer school and publish them on the website.

June 10-25, 2017 – those who are on the lists for participation in the summer school must transfer part of the amount of their participation in the summer school to the accounts of the Athena Charitable Foundation. For all Kyiv residents and non-Residents, this amount is 1000 UAH.

June 26-30, 2017 – the organizing committee of the summer school will present on the site the final lists of participants of the summer school and will calmly prepare for its conduct.

Details of the fund "Athena"
(be careful, they have changed compared to last year):
Charitable organization
ritable Foundation "Athena"
04071, vul. Yaroslavska, 4b
Account No. 26006052622723
O code 36138219
In the
purpose of payment, it is mandatory to indicate

Last year, our fund received about 5 payments without such a post and we had a lot of trouble returning the funds to the senders. Even a couple of them generally got to know where. Therefore, this year we ask to be more careful, we will not be concerned about the return of such payments. You will have to pay for a new one with the correct post and already worry about the return of the old contribution.

Thus, at the end of June, we will more or less know the number of participants in the summer school. The participants who registered made a prepayment, but did not come to the LMSH, either leave the contribution in our accounts, or will be concerned about its return.

Summer School Work Program

On the first day before lunch, it is planned to open a summer school and an introductory Olympiad. After lunch, a full lesson.

All other days – before lunch 3.5-4 hours of classes, after lunch – classes (1-2 hours), homework, cultural program.

On the penultimate day – exam or final Olympiad.

On the last day – the final lesson and the closure of the school.

Each group will be assigned a tutor who will ensure the normal operation of the group. That is, to monitor the timely in accordance with the schedule of meals of participants, attending classes and other events, etc. Well, the most important thing is that the children at the end of the summer school do not say that they stayed for 2 weeks in the capital of the country and did not see anything.

Summer School Organizing Committee:

Andrei Ainkushin

Bohdan Rublev

If you have any questions or suggestions, then contact us with them, we will gladly discuss them. It is very likely that you have your own vision to improve the work of our/your summer school.

Glory to Ukraine!


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